Life Is Strange Dev's Next Game, Vampyr, Has A Developer Diary Series, Watch Here

A peek into the supernatural adventure.


From the same studio that brought Life is Strange to life comes Vampyr, a new narrative adventure set in 1918. Dontnod has created a webseries that details the title's development process, and it's available now.

While only the first episode has aired on Youtube so far, the series is set to continue over the next few weeks on Focus Home Interactive's channel. Each new episode will dig into different elements of the Vampyr's development and will air on Thursdays. The first of the series is about Vampyr as a whole and what the team is hoping to accomplish with its narrative.

"In most video games, the rule is: you will become the strongest, you must survive, and you must kill. Scarcely do games confront the player about the fact they are killing individuals," Stephane Beauverger, Vampyr's narrative director, says. "What fascinates us is to put players at the core of this duality. To say to them, 'you are the predator, and you will meet people who will share with you their problems, their life, their friends, their worries, their concerns. It is you who will decide to spare them or not.'"

Notably darker than the surreal, time-bending story of Life is Strange, Vampyr follows the life of Jonathan Reid, a gifted doctor and man of science, returning to London after World War I. Upon his return, a stranger turns him into a creature of the night. He must learn to accept the supernatural and London's darkness to either save the city, or spur its ruin.

Vampyr was supposed to launch in November 2017, but was delayed due to a "technical issue." The title will launch on Xbox One, PS4, and PC this spring.

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