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Life Is Strange 2 Dev Plans On Releasing Eight Games By 2025

Two of them have already been announced.


Life is Strange 2 developer Dontnod is planning to release eight games between this year and 2025, only two of which have been publicly announced. It is publishing Danish studio PortaPlay's Gerda: A Flame in Winter and a new title from Studio Tolima, along with working on six other in-house projects.

While the six other projects are unknown, Dontnod's 2021 business review provides some hints of what they could be. Dontnod says that it wants to strengthen its production capacity in the action-RPG segment of the industry. In order to do so, the company will launch a new production line dedicated to this segment and ramp up the development of Project 8 with Focus Entertainment.

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Additionally, Dontnod's Montreal location is working on a multi-project division focused on creating strong narratives. The minds behind Life is Strange will be in charge of it. Dontnod might also continue looking externally for new collaborations, possibly publishing titles from other studios.

Dontnod also brought up two of its older titles, Vampyr and Twin Mirror. Vampyr launched in June 2018 and has been a success for the company, with 8 million free downloads on the Epic Games Store when it was the platform's free game of the day. The report called it "the studio's biggest financial success to date alongside Life is Strange 1," although it didn't specify exactly how it's measuring success.

Unfortunately, Twin Mirror's outlook was the opposite. Even subsidized by a timed exclusivity deal on the Epic Games Store, the game has only managed to recoup 75% of its cost investment. After the deal ended, Twin Mirror was released on Steam in December 2021. However, due to the global version of the Steam platform suddenly being banned in China during the same month, Dontnod doesn't expect much more revenue from the game going forward.

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