Lies Of P: Where To Find The Woman Of Cold

Riddle me this! Here's where to find the woman of cold in this Soulslike.


If you've been venturing through Lies of P's intriguing Grand Exhibition, you may have stumbled upon one of the game's ringing phones and been informed to examine the fingertips of "the woman of cold." While you could walk around the area for ages looking for a cold woman, the game actually isn't referring to a chilly lady at all. Read on to find out how to solve this riddle.

Where to find the woman of cold in Lies of P

The phone you answered and received the "woman of cold" riddle from is actually not too far from the solution. From the phone, continue on down the linear path until you reach a machine gun enemy. Dispatch this foe, then head downstairs into a room featuring two statues.

Interact with the statue on the right to open the slot ahead and earn a Trinity Key
Interact with the statue on the right to open the slot ahead and earn a Trinity Key

At first glance, the two stone women in this room don't appear to have any interactivity associated with them, but if you've received the riddle from the phone, you'll actually be able to turn the one on the right. Approach it and turn it two times to have it spin around and match the statue on the left. Upon doing so, you'll find that a slot opens directly in front of you to reveal a Trinity Key.

Trinity Keys can be used at various Trinity Doors hidden throughout the game to earn some really cool outfits, as well as useful accessories and materials that will aid you on your journey. Be sure to keep an eye out for them and don't pass up an opportunity to score some loot.

Since you're already at the Grand Exhibition, you'd might as well also check out how to respec while you're there.

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