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Lies Of P Classes - Which Class Is Best?

There are three classes to choose from, and they provide drastically different playstyles--at least in the opening hours.


Lies of P offers three unique classes for you to start the game with, each providing its own playstyle that will define the opening hours of this challenging Soulslike experience. In this guide, we'll walk through the game's trio of classes, helping you decide which is the best not just based on what may be your usual preferences, but also helping you understand the unique blockades you'll come upon in Lies of P. Here's what you need to know about the Path of the Sweeper, Bastard, and Cricket.

Lies Of P classes can be flexible...eventually

Before we begin, it's important that you choose one that matches your combat preferences to make fights feel more comfortable for you, but it's equally important to remember that these classes aren't restrictive as the game wears on--meaning you can freely swap to other weapons and even use special items to change their scaling so that they work even better with whichever stats you've chosen to focus on.

Though you won't ever have to worry about feeling forced into a mold, the starting stats of whichever class you choose can't be altered. This won't matter much after you gain some more levels and begin investing in whatever stats you want, honestly, but if you're a hardcore min-maxer, you may want to carefully consider your options right out of the gate. You'll need to decide whether you're going to focus on fast weapons that sacrifice a bit of damage for more agility, heavier weapons that dish out the hurt at the cost of weight and maneuverability, or find a happy medium between the two.

Path of the Sweeper: Strength

Path of the Sweeper is the class to pick if you like wielding big weapons. It starts with a greatsword and high HP, allowing you to hit hard and take an extra hit or two in the process. It also instantly has a higher weight limit, which means you can equip heavier accessories that can provide better protection in combat.

This class needs tankiness to help you survive in case you get hit during the long attack animations of large weapons, so your best stats will be Vitality for health, Vigor for stamina, Capacity for weight limit, and Motivity to pump up that damage.

Each of the three classes has its own initial stat spread and weapon type to consider.
Each of the three classes has its own initial stat spread and weapon type to consider.

Path of the Bastard: Dexterity

Path of the Bastard is the class for those who want to get in and get out rapidly. It starts with a rapier that does piercing damage and allows you to quickly poke foes and then quickly dodge out of the way. You'll begin the game with a good chunk of stamina right out of the gate to ensure you can move around a lot, but you won't have a higher starting health pool or weight capacity.

The most helpful stats for this playstyle will be Vigor for stamina and Technique for damage. As you'll want to stay as mobile as possible, it couldn't hurt to pump up your Capacity, too, as a lower weight limit allows you to dodge more effectively.

Path of the Cricket: Balance

The Path of the Cricket class combines the other two classes into something more generalized and starts with a standard sword. It's arguably the best choice if you'd like to be able to try all of the weapons and change things up regularly. The stat spread here is mostly even with no one stat being drastically higher than another, so you'll have free roam to take your character in whatever direction you'd like.

The downside to being a jack of all trades, of course, is that you may find that a few points are invested in stats you ultimately won't use, but this isn't likely to have any meaningful impact on your effectiveness. But you can build this class using whatever stats you find are necessary for whichever weapon or playstyle you're using at the time--and you can always respec later on if you'd like.

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