Lies Of P: All Phone Riddle Answers And Locations

If you want all of the Trinity Keys, you'd better hope you answer the riddles correctly.


As you play through Lies of P, you'll occasionally come across ringing phones. Answering it will prompt you to solve a riddle from a particularly unsettling and devious trickster--and you're going to want to get them right, as they earn you Trinity Keys that can be used to open Trinity Doors housing extremely helpful gear and materials. Read on for all of the phone riddle answers.

All phone riddle answers in Lies of P

There are five phone riddles to solve in Lies of P. Here are their locations and answers.

Phone 1 - Chapter II: Krat City Hall Courtyard Stargazer

Finding the first phone will require you to push through into the streets of Krat from the Krat City Hall Courtyard Stargazer. This will be a fairly linear journey, but when you reach the bridge leading across to the Workshop Union, there will be a passage on the right leading to the phone. Alternatively, if you've already reached the Workshop Union, you can use the Chapter III: Workshop Union Entrance Stargazer and just backtrack up the ladders and across the bridge to reach it.

Answer: Human

Phone 2 - Chapter V: Malum District Stargazer

The second phone is located just outside of the central courtyard of the Malum District. The area is recognizable by the bonfire burning in the center and the multiple goo-tossing enemies on the rooftops. Perhaps the easiest way to reach it, though, is by waiting until you've cleared most of the level, then start from the Malum District Stargazer. Walk forward into the Red Lobster Inn and immediately take a left into the main room, then exit the building using the stairs ahead on the back wall. Continue through the streets of the Malum District until you eventually come across the ladder on the right just before the courtyard, then climb up and find the phone above.

Answer: Candle

You'll want to be sure you answer all of the riddles correctly to earn all five Trinity Keys.
You'll want to be sure you answer all of the riddles correctly to earn all five Trinity Keys.

You should come across the third phone naturally as you work your way through the Grand Exhibition. You'll hear it ringing in the hallway just after the area you have to fight a blade-wielding robot that bursts through a gate. Take note that you won't immediately receive the Trinity Key for solving this riddle and will, instead, need to solve another environmental puzzle. Follow our guide for Where to Find the Woman of Cold to wrap this up and earn the Trinity Key.

Answer: Egg

Phone 4 - Chapter IX: Krat Central Station Street Stargazer

Finding the fourth phone is easy and simply requires you to head straight through the alcove ahead of the Krat Central Station Street Stargazer and follow a linear path. As you reach a spot where you must go left or right, look to the left to find the phone.

Answer: Ergo

Phone 5 - Chapter X: Relic of Trismegistus Entrance Stargazer

The fifth phone can be found on a cliff above the entrance to the boss door in the Relic of Trismegistus area. It's fairly hard to miss and should be right in your eyesight as you approach the end of the level.

Answer: Yes

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