Liberation and Piazza Maps - Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay

Check out some gameplay from the two brand-new maps available for Call of Duty: Elite subscribers.


The first Call of Duty: Elite "content drop" landed yesterday, rewarding subscribers with two new multiplayer maps. We played the two new locations, and you can check out some footage below.


The first of the two new maps is Liberation. Set in a war-torn Central Park, New York, Liberation is great for all play styles. Those who prefer sniper rifles can take advantage of the long sight lines by finding a spot amongst the abandoned military vehicles and trees in order to comfortably pick players off from afar.

Or if sniping isn't your thing, there are plenty of spots on the map for those who enjoy running and gunning. The bridge near the centre of the map and the tunnels are popular choke points, so watch your back.

If you're not afraid of being exposed to other players, mounted turrets are available on both sides of the map to inflict carnage on enemy teams.


Set in a small town on the beautiful Italian coast, Piazza is a map perfect for those who prefer close-range combat.

You will need to learn to watch your back through the winding streets and staircases in this map, as danger can come from all sides.

Over the next nine months, Elite subscribers can expect 20 content drops featuring new maps, Special Ops missions, and game modes. Elite subscribers can use the calendar on the official Call of Duty website to find out when they can expect the content to be available.

Liberation and Piazza are available for Xbox 360 Elite subscribers now, but no date has been given for their PlayStation 3 or PC counterparts. The content will be bundled and made available to players who are not subscribed to Elite, with the first collection expected to launch in March.

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