LG's Rollable TV Is Coming In 2020, But Will Carry A $60,000 Price Tag

Roll into stores with a thick roll of cash.


LG's rollable 65-inch OLED TV, which first debuted at CES 2019, is once again on display at CES 2020. The screen, which can be rolled up into its own base when it's not being used, is pretty incredible--and CNET has learned when it's coming and how much it will cost. It's called the OLED TV R.

The rollable television, which was also shown as a drop-down model during CES 2020 (which is a concept design and might not actually release), will apparently cost $60,000 when it ships this year between April and September. LG representatives at CES 2020 said that pricing "isn't finalized," but CNET received this figure from JS Lee, head of global marketing for LG home entertainment.

The television, which has been tested for up to 50,000 rolls, can be partially unfurled and display in "line mode" too, as seen below. The TV can also play music with the screen fully covered, and will sync with a phone via Bluetooth.

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The television works by fixing the OLED screen to thin horizontal bars that are risen by a pair of arms at the back, allowing the screen to appear solid when it's fully unfurled. It is covered by a standard TV warranty, but according to CNET, the display unit did not show any signs of wear or stress.

You'll be able to pick up the LG Signature OLED TV R later this year, but only if you can afford such an expensive, fancy television.

Elsewhere at CES 2020, Sony unveiled the logo for the PlayStation 5 for the first time. By the end of 2020, you'll be able to play PlayStation 5 on the OLED TV R.

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