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LG's First Portable Gaming Soundbar Has A Built-In Mic And Bluetooth

One of LG's CES announcements included the company's first gaming soundbar, which features a built-in mic, Bluetooth connectivity, and more.


CES 2021 has been full of big announcements, from the RTX 3060 to Razer's new smart mask and gaming laptops. LG has also made a number of reveals, including a new portable gaming soundbar that has a built-in mic for party communication. The 20-watt LG UltraGear GP9 soundbar can be plugged in or run on battery power, allowing you to bring it with you on the go to friends' houses, LAN parties, or anywhere else you may need to game. Unfortunately, no images have been revealed, and LG hasn't yet announced a price or release date.

According to CNET, the GP9 soundbar's built-in mic uses an "Eco-sound" feature that lets the mic cut through your game's audio and pick up your voice. Additionally, the soundbar features a large volume knob and several different simulated surround sound modes for genres like first-person shooters and strategy. You can also plug a headset into the soundbar via a 3.5mm jack for private listening.

As for connectivity, the GP9 features ports for USB-C and optical digital audio as well as Bluetooth wireless. These ports allow it to be connected to PC and consoles via the USB-C and optical ports. If you want to utilize the Bluetooth connectivity, then you'll need a Bluetooth-capable PC or compatible Bluetooth adapter for PS5 and Nintendo Switch--you won't be able to connect this wirelessly to an Xbox console.

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