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LG Teases New Rollable Phone At CES 2021

It seems LG plans to reveal more information about its Rollable phone later this year.


LG took to the virtual stage during CES 2021 to unveil a swath of new products, including gaming monitors and OLED TVs. Tucked into the end of the company's approximately 30-minute livestream was an official albeit brief look at the LG Rollable phone.

LG wrapped up its CES 2021 presentation with someone holding a phone with a screen that slowly collapses on itself. Once the movement is done, the device's display cuts to black and the text "More to Explore" pops up above the phone's name--LG Rollable--in white. This all occurs in a 10-second sequence before the broadcast ends.

According to GameSpot sister site CNET, the LG Rollable is slated to launch this year. However, LG hasn't outlined a price point or announced a release date for the phone yet.

The LG Rollable looks like every other smartphone: rectangular and flat. However, there's one key difference that sets the LG Rollable apart: Like the company's LG Rollable TVs, the phone has a screen that expands and collapses, extending the display area by elongating the screen.

While this is the first official look at the device, it isn't the first tease of it. The company had shared a short clip of the phone from a side view expanding out and sliding back into itself in September 2020. Very little information about the device was known then, and the same is true now. However, it seems LG plans to reveal more about the Rollable phone later this year.

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What a trip. But alas, I can't justify spending more than $500 on a phone. So I'll basically never get that thing.

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