Levine: Logan's Run "inspired almost my entire career"

BioShock creator Ken Levine confirms he is writing script for new Warner Bros. sci-fi movie, says original was a major inspiration for his body of work.


BioShock creator Ken Levine saw 1976 sci-fi film Logan's Run as a ten-year old and the experience would end up inspiring nearly his total body of professional work, the industry veteran has revealed.

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At a Boston event this week, GameSpot asked Levine if he would consider working in a medium other than games. As an answer, he confirmed he is working with Warner Bros. on a Logan's Run remake and explained the impact that movie had on his professional career.

"It was the first dystopia story I ever saw and if you know my games, obviously it had a huge impact on me," Levine said. "So I actually talked to [Warner Bros.] and I sort of forced them to give me the job because I said there is no person on earth who spent more time thinking about Logan's Run and spent more of his career sort of doing things that came off that experience [I] had ten years old seeing this movie that I feel, in the same way whether it's art deco or it's [Ayn Rand] or American exceptionalism or whatever it is or quantum mechanics, I want to make things that aren't particularly popular or interesting to people."

"I think Logan's Run, because it's such a 70s goofy thing, I think there's a story in there that there's a real good story there that needs to be told," he added. "And it's certainly inspired almost my entire career."

Levine said he has not officially started writing for the new Logan's Run movie yet, but he is signed up to do it.

The original Logan's Run was based on a 1967 novel from William F. Nolan and George Clayton John, which depicts a dystopian society set in 2116 wherein all people must agree to be executed at age 21 in an effort to control population.

The 1976 film was directed by Michael Anderson and starred Michael York, Richard Jordan, and Jenny Agutter.

Levine and Irrational Games are currently working on BioShock Infinite downloadable content Burial at Sea - Episode One and Burial at Sea - Episode Two, the latter of which will allow gamers to play as Elizabeth in Rapture.

Both expansions will launch in 2014.

Looking further ahead, Irrational Games has no announced games, and Levine said earlier this year that he has "no idea" what the studio will make next.

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