Level-5 readies Girls RPG for 3DS

Professor Layton developer's Cinderella Life simulation aimed at creating more girl gamers.


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It seems female gamers are more partial towards portable and mobile titles, a notion which may have led Level-5 to create something to entice more girls into pursuing the hobby, particularly in Japan. The Fukuoka-based company recently announced Girls RPG: Cinderella Life for the Nintendo 3DS on Famitsu.com, a simulation tailor-made for female audiences.

A picture from the game's official website, which is full of pink.
A picture from the game's official website, which is full of pink.

The game is based on a popular cell phone title called Kyaba Jo Pi, where players manage a hostess club to entertain VIPs, some of them being characters from series like Lupin III. However, the 3DS title was renamed as such to reduce the game's ties with the hostess profession. Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino, who will also be the game's executive producer, said that people might be against the idea of playing a game billed as a hostess simulator. Hino also stated that the game's core development staff is female.

Players control a custom avatar who has to work as a neosienne in a grand lounge/nightclub called The Castle in the town of Neo Ginza. A neosienne entertains clients by talking to them, getting them to order food, and showing them a fun time, be they pop idols, politicians, or CEOs. The game will use the 3DS's Spot Pass system to let players exchange digital business cards with others and have their customized neosiennes appear in each other's nightclubs. Players can spend their nightclub earnings by buying new clothes and furniture for their custom home in Neo Ginza.

According to the official website, the game is slated for a 2011 release, though the exact release date and even an English version have yet to be confirmed.

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