Let's Watch Henry Cavill Seductively Build A Gaming PC

The DC and Witcher actor is a fan of games, and he shared a video of him putting together a new PC.


Building a PC from scratch can be a fun project, so much so that there's an actual game where you do exactly that. But you know what, it turns out, is even better? Watching Henry Cavill--Superman and Geralt himself--put together a gaming rig in a tank top.

This took place over on his Instagram account, where Cavill shares photos of food he's made, him standing next to horses, him painting minifigures, and the occasional promotional image. Cavill is also a fan of games, and his latest post is a five-plus minute video in which he assembles a PC from scratch. There are different camera angles, including a first-person view of him installing the CPU and other components.

Did I mention he does this while showcasing his arms in a tank top and various Barry White songs play? And that it goes into slow motion when he applies thermal paste and screws in a cooler? And that the video's caption reads, "This kind of material isn't for everyone....viewer discretion is advised. You may see a lot of parts that you haven't seen before"?

At one point, the video cuts out due to him running out of hard drive space, and later he realizes that an internal display was installed upside-down. But he ultimately gets things straightened out and it sounds like Mr. Cavill now has some gaming to do. And we're left wondering what he'll be playing--though, don't worry, there are memes for that.

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