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Let's Play Resident Evil 7 Part 1 - Resident Kinevil

Hello, Jack.


In their continuing quest to play every numbered Resident Evil game, Mike and former GameSpot producer Mary Kish have finally stumbled upon Resident Evil 7: biohazard.

In the video above, you can watch the duo's first few steps into the Baker household from Capcom's 2017 comeback hit. In it, Mary sits down to dinner with her gracious hosts, helps Jack clean up the garage, and definitely doesn't scream way too much. Definitely.

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For previous episodes of Resident Kinevil, you can visit the show's YouTube page, where Mike and Mary have valiantly waded through Resident Evil ReMake through Resident Evil 6. Now, you can catch up and join in the journey with them, and watch the duo's friendship disappear.

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