Let's Just Take A Minute To Admire This Pixel Art From Chucklefish's New Game

The Harry Potter-esque game comes from the publishers of Stardew Valley.


Indie outfit Chucklefish has unveiled a new isometric artstyle for its supernatural life-sim Witchbrook, and it's quite a looker. The game previously featured a more-standard top-down style in early screenshots. Here's a side-by-side comparison:

Chucklefish is arguably best-known for publishing the farming sim mega-hit Stardew Valley, but its also developed some notable games, such as 2016's Starbound. The developer first announced Witchbrook back in 2018, and few details have emerged in the intervening years. Recently, it revealed an official website with some more information on the game.

There's still no release date in sight yet, and we still don't know what platforms the game is going to come out for. According to Chucklefish, the game will allow you to immerse yourself as a witch-in-training, complete with a social schedule and classes. It all sounds very Harry Potter, with a bit of Persona and Fire Emblem: Three Houses thrown in.

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