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Lethal Weapon's New Star Starts Pushing The Envelope In New Clip

You ever been burned?


After the major character shuffling of Season 3's premier, Lethal Weapon is wasting no time in putting Sean William Scott's Wesley Cole right into the heart of the action. He may not be a Riggs-level loose cannon just yet, but as we can see in this exclusive clip he's certainly ready to push the envelope.

Scott joined the cast after Clayne Crawford's Martin Riggs garnered the show some negative attention with allegations of abusive on-set behavior. Tensions continued to build after the initial reporting was made, resulting in arguments between Crawford and co-star Damon Wayans, who plays Roger Murtaugh in the show.

To see Crawford off, the Season 3 premier saw Riggs dying as the result of a fatal gunshot wound in the Season 2 finale. Scott's Cole, a new character introduced specifically designed to step into the void, is a veteran who joined the LAPD after a departure from the CIA. Cole and Murtaugh wound up meeting during the Season 3 premier after they both began chasing down the same criminal, a twist of fate that would eventually land them an assignment as partners.

Cole and Murtaugh's first major case together involves puzzling through the murder of a finance executive, and Cole is more than happy to use some "extreme" methods to get the job done. Or, well, he's more than happy to let his targets think he's using some extreme methods. We don't think torture-by-Popsicle really counts, but it's certainly a pretty cold-blooded psychological move.

Lethal Weapon Season 3, episode 2 "Need to Know" airs October 9 at 9PM on Fox.

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