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Leonardo DiCaprio Could Play Joker In Origin Movie

Warner Bros. is reportedly eyeing DiCaprio to become its Clown Prince of Crime.


Recently, we learned that a new Joker origin movie is in the works with legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese involved as a producer. Now, a new report has more exciting and interesting news about the film in the area of potential casting.

Sources told The Hollywood Reporter that Oscar winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio is being eyed to play the Joker. No offer has been made to DiCaprio, so this is not a done deal by any stretch; THR also reports that Scorsese's deal is not finalised.

It sounds like a longshot for DiCaprio to come aboard, but it's an exciting prospect to think about regardless. "The chances of landing DiCaprio could be slim to none. But the attempt in itself sends a signal to talent that Warners wants to hire serious filmmakers to make serious films," THR reported.

Scorsese and DiCaprio have worked together on many big-name movies including The Departed, Gangs of New York, The Aviator, and The Wolf of Wall Street. The new Joker movie is to be directed by The Hangover's Todd Phillips.

Jared Leto played the Joker in Suicide Squad and will reprise the role in its sequel, as well as a spinoff movie, but he won't play the role in the new origin film. Sources told THR that Leto made his unhappiness known to his CAA agents about the possibility of there being two Jokers.

The untitled Joker spinoff will be a "gritty and grounded hard-boiled crime film set in the early '80s Gotham City." Interestingly, WB is reportedly setting up the film not as a DC movie but rather like one of Scorsese's '80s-set movies like Raging Bull or Taxi Driver.

Phillips is writing the script alongside 8 Mile's Scott Silver. No release date has been set, and overall it still sounds like very early days.

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