Leonard Nimoy's Elite: Dangerous Memorial Revealed

Specially designed "Leonard Nimoy Station" comes to PC game alongside the planet Vulcan.


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Developer Frontier has made good on its promise to honor Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy with special in-game content dedicated to the Spock actor who passed away last month at the age of 82.

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As detailed in a series of images released on Imgur, Frontier has created a Vulcan planet and a "Leonard Nimoy Station" to honor the actor who had a notable influence on popular sci-fi culture.

Vulcan was the name of Spock's home planet in Star Trek. You can see the full gallery at the bottom of this post.

Last week, Star Trek Online's tribute to Nimoy was revealed. Another popular space game, Star Citizen, also plans to honor the actor with in-game content.

Upon learning of Nimoy's death last month, United States President Barack Obama commented: "I loved Spock." The President went on to say that Spock was there "long before being nerdy was cool."

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