Lemmings headed to PSP

SCEE announces that a PSP version of DMA Design's classic puzzle game will fall into European stores later this year.


Lemmings (2006)

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has today announced that it plans to release a PlayStation Portable version of Lemmings toward the end of this year. The game, in case you're not familiar with any of the series' numerous incarnations dating back as far as 1991, challenges you to safeguard the lives of green-haired lemmings as they attempt to negotiate levels packed full of hazards. You'll do this by assigning different roles to individual lemmings, such as bridge builder, miner, parachutist, and blocker.

Currently in development at Team 17, the PSP version of Lemmings will feature both classic and all-new levels and will also let you create your own that can be shared with friends. Sony also plans to release its own downloadable content for the game, including new themes and levels.

We'll bring you more information on Lemmings as soon as it becomes available.

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