Leisure Suit Larry to host Pocket Party

N-Gage version of upcoming Magna Cum Laude set for a November release.


Leisure Suit Larry: Pocket Party

N-Gage maker Nokia announced that it will copublish Leisure Suit Larry: Pocket Party with VU Games for its handheld gaming platform. The game, scheduled for release this November, is the N-Gage take on the forthcoming PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 2 game Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude.

The 3D adventure game sees Larry Lovage, nephew of the previous games' hero, Larry Laffer, attempt to work the social scene of a college campus and score with his female classmates, especially the school's head cheerleader, Rosie Palmer. Pocket Party pledges more than 30 hours of gameplay and 10 characters, including the manipulative cheerleader Loosey and the laid-back professor Drew Barringmore. The game will support multiplayer in four turn-based minigames via the N-Gage's Bluetooth adapter.

Check GameSpot for more information on Pocket Party and its PC and console frat brother, Magna Cum Laude, as it becomes available.

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