Leisure Suit Larry eyeing Box Office Bust

Worms developer takes on the lecherous one's latest adventure; bitter comics and comely bombshells sign on for voice work.


Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust

You can't keep a bad man down. Larry Loveage, the heir to the eternally soiled Leisure Suit Larry name and star of 2004's Magna Cum Laude, is on the comeback trail. Sierra Entertainment today announced that Loveage would return this fall in Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and mobile phones.

Not a role model.
Not a role model.

Developed by Team 17 (the studio behind the Worms franchise of action strategy games), Box Office Bust follows the woeful would-be ladies' man as he works a summer job at a movie studio run by his uncle, the original Leisure Suit Larry. While there, the younger Larry attempts to uncover the identity of an employee who's threatening to spill the studio's dirt to the tabloids. Described by Sierra as featuring "open world sand box gameplay," Box Office Bust will incorporate platforming, racing, and puzzle-solving elements, along with a mode that allows Larry to step behind the camera to direct his own feature.

Appropriate to the subject matter, Box Office Bust will feature an ensemble cast of famous voice actors culled from the ranks of comedians and calendar girls. Already announced for the project are Interactive Achievement Awards host Jay Mohr (Action, Jerry Maguire), Patrick Warburton (Seinfeld, The Venture Bros.), Shannon Elizabeth (American Pie, Jack Frost), Carmen Electra (Meet the Spartans, Cheaper by the Dozen 2), Dave Attell (Insomniac, Pootie Tang), Artie Lange (Dirty Work, Beer League), Jeffrey Tambor (Arrested Development, Max Headroom), Nikki Cox (Las Vegas, The Norm Show), Peter Graves (Mission: Impossible, Airplane!), and Jane Lynch (The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby). Providing the voice of Larry Loveage will be Josh Keaton, who is the English voice of Ocelot in the Metal Gear Solid series and who is providing the voice of the titular webslinger in the upcoming Spectacular Spider-Man animated series.

Although a PC version of Magna Cum Laude was released with an AO for Adults Only rating, Sierra Entertainment is aiming for an M for Mature with Box Office Bust.

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