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The Legend Of Zelda Lego Set Preorders Back In Stock

Lego's first Legend of Zelda set celebrates two of the best games in the series.


Following years of rumors, Lego officially unveiled its first Legend of Zelda set last month. The Danish toy giant will pay homage to two of the most influential Legend of Zelda games, Ocarina of Time and Breath of the Wild, with its massive Great Deku Tree two-in-one building set full of cool features and small details. With 2,500 pieces, the Great Deku Tree set can change based on its appearance in the two Zelda games.

The $300 Lego Store-exclusive set releases September 1. The initial batch of preorders sold out quickly, but Lego is taking orders again (as of June 4). If you're interested in building the set as soon as possible, you'll want to secure your preorder before shipping dates get pushed back. As of now, orders received "will ship from September 1," so you can still get the Great Deku Tree close to its launch date.

A Lego link to the past!
A Lego link to the past!

For the minifigures, you'll get Ocarina of Time and Breath of the Wild Links, Princess Zelda, and brick-built characters like Koroks, Deku Babas, a Deku Sprout, Navi the Fairy, a Skulltula, and a maracas-shaking Hestu. Where things get interesting is in the finished build, as the Breath of the Wild version of the Great Deku Tree has an animated face that can be controlled with a lever on its back, while the Ocarina Of Time version has an opening mouth that reveals a Skulltula monster.

If you do choose to build the Breath of the Wild version of this set, you'll want to be careful, as those parts and minifigures aren't as durable and will break after playing with them for a short while. (We're joking; we like making fun of this particular gameplay mechanic.)

Other nods to the games include a Lego version of Link’s House and the Master Sword pedestal, each one a separate build that can be displayed with the main set. A long time in the making, Lego says it chose the Great Deku Tree specifically, as a way to connect Legend of Zelda fans and show just how flexible Lego bricks are.

"By including this alongside the most recent depiction, we aim to bridge generations of The Legend Of Zelda fans, offering a nostalgic trip down memory lane while also acknowledging a more current version of the game," Lego design master Wes Talbott said to Metro. "It also celebrates what is possible to do with the Lego brick, which was important for both The Lego Group and Nintendo."

For more Lego sets, you can grab the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars for just $136, a wall-art-building kit of The Milky Way Galaxy for $200, or NASA's Artemis Space Launch System for $260. There's also this cute Indiana Jones diorama set on sale for only $127 at Walmart.

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