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Lego Unveils Super Mario Power-Up Packs That Change Mario's Look

Ahead of Lego Super Mario's release August 1, Lego has revealed four Power-Up Packs for Mario that make different sounds.


Lego's Super Mario lineup doesn't arrive until August 1, but it's shaping up to be a fairly robust collection at launch. Last month, Lego fully revealed the Adventures with Mario Starter Course and a pair of expansion sets, Bowser's Castle Boss Battle and Piranha Plant Power Slide. In a new video, Lego added to the growing collection by announcing Power-Up Packs for Mario, which are essentially themed outfits that change his sounds, facial expressions and chest panel icons, and (invisible) coin-collecting abilities.

Power-Up Packs are new outfits based on popular looks throughout the series' history. Each of the packs comes with a new set of overalls and hat that can be snapped onto Mario to give him a different appearance. Four have been revealed so far: Fire Mario, Propeller Mario, Cat Mario, and Builder Mario. When Fire Mario is leaned forward on a block, the fireball-throwing sound plays. Propeller Mario whirs in the air and collects coins. Hailing from Super Mario 3D World, Cat Mario simply makes cat sounds--though Lego also says you should make him climb up walls. Builder Mario from Super Mario Maker collects extra coins by stomping on blocks while making a satisfying crashing sound.

Each $10 Power-Up Pack will be sold separately and will be available on August 1, but they aren't available to pre-order just yet.

Lego Super Mario appears to be one of the more popular Lego kits in recent years. The first round of pre-orders for the $60 Starter Course sold out in a flash when they went live last month. However, a second wave of pre-orders is live now at Walmart and the Lego Store.

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