Lego Star Wars AT-AT Took Someone 6,000 Pieces to Build

He says the design uses a lot of effective SNOT technique.


If you think building Lego ships out of the box is a daunting task, then you might want to sit down for this one. Someone has built an AT-AT from Star Wars out of more than 6,000 Lego bricks.

YouTuber BrickVault took 26 hours to build the Lego AT-AT. The original design is by Peter Brookdale (aka CaveGod), who posts some of his Lego designs on his Flickr page, such as a Tie Fighter, Imperial Shuttle, and A-Wing.

At the end of the video, BrickVault admires the AT-AT's design, noting the exceptional use of a SNOT technique. He clarifies that he's not talking about mucus, but instead an acronym that stands for Studs Not On Top, making for a smoother appearance.

If you want to see more Lego, a YouTuber has recreated a Rainbow Six Siege match with the coloured bricks, someone has made a working Call of Duty: Black Ops III flamethrower out of Lego, and a Lego version of Destiny's Telesto exotic rifle has also been made.

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