Lego Rock Riders Ship

Take control of Lego characters in this PlayStation game from Lego Media.


Lego Media has announced the shipment of Lego Rock Riders for the Sony PlayStation. Lego Rock Riders puts the player in the role of a crewmember of the geological survey ship LMS Explorer. Characters such as Axel, Bandit, Jet, and Docs are replicas of characters from the Lego Media toy line. Players must guide their characters through underground worlds, filled with pitfalls and hazards, to collect items and rescue lost team members.

"We're excited to be supporting the PlayStation console with another Lego Media title," says Mark Livingstone, global director of LEG Media International. "We had a great response to Lego Racers when we released it for the PlayStation in the US, and we hope to see the same nice fit with Lego Rock Raiders."

Lego Rock Riders is currently available for the PlayStation at a suggested price of US$19.95.

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