Lego Rock Band jams this holiday

"The Final Countdown," "Kung Fu Fighting" confirmed for WBIE, TT Games, MTV Games, Harmonix's family-friendly rhythm game for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, DS.


Lego Rock Band

Speculation has been buzzing for weeks about whether Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and its subsidiary TT Games would lend their oddball Lego touch to MTV Games and Harmonix's popular rhythm game franchise Rock Band. Today, that scenario became a reality, as the quartet of companies officially announced that Lego Rock Band for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, and Nintendo DS will be available this holiday season.

Complete with rock star chest hair.
Complete with rock star chest hair.

The console editions of Lego Rock Band are being developed by TT Games in partnership with Harmonix and will be published by WBIE. Billed as a family-oriented experience, Lego Rock Band will offer a similar play style to that found in Harmonix's flagship titles but will also include Lego-themed levels as well as character customization options reliant on the versatile building blocks. Lego Rock Band will also support all previously released Rock Band instruments, as well as other compatible controllers.

Like the upcoming Rock Band Unplugged for the PSP, Lego Rock Band on the DS will be codeveloped by Backbone Entertainment. WBIE did not indicate whether the DS version would include an input peripheral in the vein of Activision's Guitar Hero On Tour. An MTV Games representative declined to comment on the company's plans for the DS game.

As is customary with rhythm-game announcements, WBIE also teased out a handful of tracks that will be playable in the game. While the publisher did not indicate the total number of playable tracks available, it did call out Blur's "Song 2," Carl Douglas' "Kung Fu Fighting," Europe's "The Final Countdown," and Pink's "So What." WBIE made a point of noting that all songs will be "suitable for younger audiences."

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