Lego: Legends of Chima hits in 2013

Next game from Warner Bros. and TT Games to be split into three parts: 3DS/PS Vita game, iOS title, and free-to-play online offering.


Warner Bros. and TT Games are taking a different approach for their next project. The companies today jointly announced Lego: Legends of Chima, an entirely new intellectual property that will span three different titles for various platforms.

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Lego: Legends of Chima is composed of three different experiences, the first of which carries a subtitle of "Speedorz." A racing minigame developed by TT Games and 4T2, Lego: Legends of Chima: Speedorz is available today at and will arrive for iOS devices tomorrow.

The next is Lego: Legends of Chima: Laval's Journey. Also developed by TT Games, this title is due out for the PlayStation Vita (summer 2013) and Nintendo 3DS (fall 2013). The game has players embarking on an adventure into the world of Chima where brave warrior Laval and company are called into a battle.

Third, Lego: Legends of Chima Online is a free-to-play online game developed by WB Games Montreal. It is due out in fall 2013 and will allow players to build and customize their own world, explore environments, and take on missions.

Lego: Legends of Chima is a departure from how Warner Bros. and TT Games have handled the Lego license recently. The most recent Lego games have been based on established properties, including Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, and others.

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I momentarily glance at ads while surfing TV Land and saw that all TT games are based on properties LEGO bought rights to. The latest of those being LotR and Marvel, as well as all of DC in addition to Batman they've owned for a while now.

(Surprising DC v. Marvel hasn't been banded about the TT offices, but licensing probably only goes so far, lol.)

Point is, LEGO shares a LOT of rights. Seeing as how the one-trick pony isn't broke and is horrendously successful as well, the TT games will continue for some time if not indefinitely.

In all honesty, I'd have hoped TT could be given Bionicle one day, but after 8 years... Jesus. :|

One final thing, LEGO TMNT just came out in toy form, so its game form should be wholly expected in some time.

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@thps48 Except I think Ubisoft still has those rights, and aren't likely to relinquish them.

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@GryffinDarkBred @thps48 Ah, that so? :\

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LEGO video games are so much better than those ridiculous LEGO TV shows.

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I'm getting a bit tired now of seeing all these Lego games...

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Lego Terminator enough said now do it

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Woot woot! Another good game, and from who?? The same ones that scored in their last NON-SCUMBAG game, i.e. LEGO LotR!! Now why in the world don't more developers man-up and produce quality games that kids can play?! ...Oh yeah, trash in, trash out. Never let it be said that there is ANY recreation that is 100% private!

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They are just milking this Lego line to death...

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@SurlyPotato It's not to death, tons of Lego computer games have been around since the 90's and they are still popular today. Lego games are awesome when you're a kid

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@SurlyPotato You'll find they are taking a lot of deserved revenue...the games stay uniquely clean and are almost always kid-friendly...

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Would be cool to see them do something with old LEGO line. Really enjoyed the Wild West line.

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@HIT3kNology LEGO Knights too. If anything, riding a magically movable one-piece mold like a LEGO horse or LEGO dragon has a sort of hilarious whimsy to it, especially when faced with its real world impossibility. XD

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I'm quite worried about this. Mainly the fact that the most promising one seems to be only on portables. Because so far every portable lego game I've played (with the exception of the original ds versions which were great for the hardware they were on) is watered down ports I wouldn't play if you gave them to me for free. Tinny sound , mediocre graphics (both aspects can be done much better on BOTH Vita and 3ds) , awfully small scale , horrible camera , they fail in every way they can. Hopefully though , since these are being developed JUST for portables and not ports of console titles they might not be unbearable.

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@moviequest14 how the hell did you manage to play games which you wouldn't play even if someone game them to you for free dude?

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Licensed Lego franchises=Cool

Market-researched Lego franchises=Meh

They'll probably be okay games if Telltale is involved but the whole setting of Chima looks painfully derivative.

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Dumb move on their part. The Legends of Chima line of Lego sets just came out. They shouldn't be making games based on those sets until the sets prove to be successful. They should instead be making Lego games based on sets that are already established and are popular, like Monster Fighters.

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@Maxx_the_Slash In my opinion Chima will fail. They thought it will better than Ninjago, but they changed their mind after a few polls and they will finally make new Ninjago sets this year because it's more successful !

Remember, this is just a "little" game and it's like an ad for Chima, that's all. The next real LEGO game could (and should) be Marvel Heroes.

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@woodyfr Ehhh, Marvel Heroes? I know I'm going to catch **** for saying this, but Mega Bloks makes better Marvel sets. Their licensed sets have better mini-figures.Their figures are insanely articulated, almost as much as Todd McFarlane's action figures. Funny how they make their own mini-figures unposeable monstrosities, but Mega Bloks works magic with licensed sets.

I'd rather see Lego get games based on their own sets, not licensed from other groups.

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@Maxx_the_Slash @woodyfr Oh well, at least Mega Bloks still has the Halo line, which turn out really good models even while using relatively old-school build design and relatively few unique molded parts, unlike Lego which seems to have to make entirely unique parts for almost every set these days :p

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@Maxx_the_Slash @woodyfr Lego is making Marvel sets now, started with The Avengers movie last year and have done Spider-man and others from the Marvel universe, so it would be from their own sets if they do a Marvel Lego game. Also they just started making TMNT Lego sets, and i think that would be a cool game too..

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Where's my Lego Mortal Kombat!!?

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I like the licensed games a lot. Loved the Lord of the Rings, Star Wars III Clone Wars and Batman 2 especially.

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so i looked at the commercial i thought it was Lego thundercats but it was this it looks like a fine game but it would be really cool if the free-to-play version was a MMORPG i still remember lego universe when i bought my kid it how mad i was when they shut down the game this is a really good replacement

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@radcrab123 I just hope it has more longevity this time around. I only wish the MMO developers/license holders would provide you with an "off-line version" or an option to run a dedicated server when and if they shut-down. I mean, you paid for a monthly fee and then the game gets canned you more than own it in a sense. It would be a nice gesture.

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I like all of the other Lego games. I just hope that this is as good as the others!!