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One LucasFilm property after another has fallen before the inexorable swath of Lego. Find out about the latest one right here.


Given the runaway success of the Lego Star Wars games and Warner Bros.' recent announcement of a Lego-fied (Lego-ized? Lego-ficated?) action game based on the Batman franchise, it's no surprise that LucasArts is readying yet another Lego extravaganza, this one starring everyone's favorite swashbuckling archaeologist, Indiana Jones. Heck, the good Dr. Jones even made a cameo appearance in Lego Star Wars...and there's also that new movie coming that you may have heard about. We spoke to LucasArts producer Shawn Storc to find out what will be crammed into this new game.

GameSpot: Where did the idea to do a Lego version of the Indiana Jones movies come from?

Shawn Storc: Indy is a natural fit for a game like this that encourages exploration, adventure, and cooperative gameplay, as well as a healthy dose of humor.

You are permitted to sing 'dum dah dum-dum!' while viewing these screenshots.
You are permitted to sing 'dum dah dum-dum!' while viewing these screenshots.

GS: How will the gameplay differ from Lego Star Wars?

SS: The characters in the game are much more in tune with their surroundings and are much more physically active as they encounter puzzles, traps, and enemies. For example, you can pick up objects in-game and use them to battle enemies, solve puzzles, light fires or barrels of gunpowder. On top of that, characters are quite athletic and can now climb ropes and swing on vines, swim, and shimmy hand-over-hand across ledges. All of these open up a variety of gameplay options we were previously unable to offer players.

GS: Is the game using the LSW engine or an all-new one?

SS: The core technology is based on the same engine, but with significant upgrades to allow for the new gameplay elements previously described. That's also not to mention the fact that the game is visually striking and really communicates the unique environments that Indy has the good fortune to visit.

GS: Will there be online co-op?

SS: Nope. Of course, we hope families will continue to enjoy co-operative gameplay in their own homes.

GS: What has the team learned from the LSW games that's benefiting Lego Indy?

Look for all the goofy charm of the Lego Star Wars games to show up here.
Look for all the goofy charm of the Lego Star Wars games to show up here.

SS: We have all learned how to work better together under pressure to deliver on the core experience of the films and really fulfill the fantasy of being able to play these memorable characters as Lego minifigures.

GS: What are the challenges in Lego-izing the Indiana Jones movies?

SS: The main challenge was aligning the movie experience with the actual gameplay environment. In short, we had to figure out how we make these little plastic figures move more like real people, demonstrate athletic ability, and really take the interactions to the next level.

GS: Will there be any content in the game based on the upcoming film?

SS: As much as we would love to use content from the new movie, our focus remains on the first three original adventures of Indiana Jones.

GS: How did you pick what parts of the film to make levels out of? Were there any you wanted to but didn't or couldn't due to time or design choices?

SS: The team used the same approach as was used in the LSW games: look for the pivotal and memorable events in the films and either allow players to relive them through their interactions with the game, or use them to communicate the unique brand of humor that the team at Traveller's Tales does so well.

GS: Will there be the same kind of collectibles?

SS: Absolutely. As an archaeologist, Indy is all about collecting treasures. After all, that is what drives all of his adventures!

You can also expect plenty of unlockables, as in the Star Wars games.
You can also expect plenty of unlockables, as in the Star Wars games.

GS: Will there be gold bricks and assorted hidden unlockables?

SS: Of course, but as you can imagine, they will be uniquely tailored to fit seamlessly within the Indy world.

GS: Will there be a hub or store where you can open stuff up?

SS: Yes, the player will be able to move about the game hub, which is inspired by Indy's academic surroundings at Barnett College.

GS: Will there be any LSW cameos, since Indy was in LSWCS?

SS: It wouldn't be fun if I gave always all the secrets now, would it? Players should keep a watchful eye out for a variety of subtle and not-so-subtle references to LSW.

GS: Will the game be different on the portable systems? Will they have added functionality or connectivity to the Wii or PlayStation 3?

SS: The DS experience complements and builds upon that of the console versions. As players saw in LSW TCS on the DS, there will be a variety of interesting touch-screen interactions throughout normal gameplay, as well as a range of unlockable stand-alone minigames designed specifically for the touch screen. Try as we might, interaction with their bigger console siblings just isn't in the cards this time around.

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Ah!!!! No Co-op :(

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That's annoying about no online co-op. Would have been great.

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Rock and roll chooche coo would be a awsome theme song!

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get in! mint movie and probably be a good game with a classic theme song lol

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"It wouldn't be fun if I gave always all the secrets now, would it?" How about you put online co-op in the game as a secret instead of shafting those with internet connections.

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Lol, Jack Burton I love big trouble in little china.

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No online play is a real turn-off.

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What, no Lego Jack Burton? I am insulted. LOL

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So cute and good idea!

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Great, another game company (this time Lucasarts) found a game-engine they are going to make 20 games off. Can't wait to play Lego Extra-Terrestrial. Repetition FTW.

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it was a bit long but it was good

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pipinowns.... just shut up... athenian29 is just voicing his/her opinion. It is pretty stupid for a company to pay for servers, maintenance, development, and management of multiplayer if it is not in the essence of the game...

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Haha Do i Even have to say how Much This game is Gonna Rock?

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Sweet. As a big fan of the good Dr. Jones and the Lego Star Wars games, I look forward to this game.

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I cannot wait for this!!

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it looks ace

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sweet i loved lego star wars so this must be ace

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Cool! This game sound pretty interesting, I never played lego star wars but I'll probably try this one.

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is this gonna be on the wii?

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Always look forward to a Lego game. especially since the star wars series..

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NO ONLINE CO-OP?????????? NOOOOOOO THAT'S THE ONLY THING PEOPLE EVER DO IS PLAY GAMES ONLINE, NEVER OFFLINE OR SAME-ROOM MULTIPLAYER OR SYSTEM LINK OR ANY OF THAT STUFF! Kidding. I'm with Lucasarts. Why tack on multiplayer if it's not in the spirit of the game? Bioshock wasn't meant to be multi, so they didn't give it multi. Let's hear it for good design choices!

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Cute little LEGO.I'm gonna try it..

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They should make a LEGO Halo game lmao

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No online Co-op?? That was the whole reason I was excited about this game. Ah, well... moving on.

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The great thing with LSW was the mass of characters to choose from... I'm not sure how that would work with Indiana Jones. Still looks fun though.

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this game should be a blast, we would like to hope

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LSW was fun

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i hope the camera on pc will not be like on consoles

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Ah, using the wiimote as a bull whip is gonna be fun!

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Cool. I loved LSWCS and seeing as I really like the Indiana Jones movies, this should be one for me to look out for...

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"You can pick up objects in-game and use them to battle enemies, solve puzzles, light fires or barrels of gunpowder. On top of that, characters are quite athletic and can now climb ropes and swing on vines, swim, and shimmy hand-over-hand across ledges." wow, that's new in the gaming world, isn't it? i never played LSW and i dont know nothing about indiana jones so i guess i'll pass... or if it gets good reviews maybe i'll give it a try

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What console (or handheld) are these screenshots from?

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lol this doesnt look half bad, i think i'll give it a go :)

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@danleeah: Okay now don't be ridiculous with the whole Harry Met Sally reference... :P A Lego Matrix could work just fine...if they could pull it off right. Clearly the Lego-based games have been one of the better movie-based games out there. No online MP is a bit silly however...

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So why did they decide not to put in online MP? The Lego games are GREAT for co-op play, and they are still gonna have Local co-op by the sounds of it right? Doesn't really make sense.... Oh how I wanted to run around as a lil Lego sidekick 'Willie' AKA 'Short-round' yellin "Docta Jones! Docta Jones!" or "Watch out for booby twaps! That's what I said, Booby Twaps!" Srry, had to do it... I know, I know, that last quote is from Goonies, but it's the same kid ....right? :P

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Eeeeeeeeee! Lego!

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long live indy

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I agree with ldonyo. At the same time Lego doesn't have to keep riding George Lucas' *ahem.* What's next a Lego THX?

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omg omg omg cant wait! I LOVE YOU HARRISON FORD!!!!!

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It will come out on the PC | PS2 | PS3 | PSP | DS | WII

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Nothing new to learn in here, just an interview-style regurgitation of press release info. What investigative journalism!

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don't like indian jones, but the Lego games are awesome, game looks good

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FraserAlexander- no they did not cancel the real movie as said in the interview above. or else they would have posters at my local movie theater for Indiana Jones and the Crystal skull or watever its called.

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Cool! I note this is for the 360 though. Anyone know if they plan to release if for the other consoles?

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this game looks really cool!!

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To FraserAlexander : Don't think so. Never heard that they cancelled that project for 2008.

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Never been a big fan of Indiana Jones, but this game sure looks cool as its predecessor. I'll probably buy.