Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues Impressions - Co-Op, New Movie Content, and Level Editor

We take an up-close look at the next Lego Indiana Jones game at E3 2009.


Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues is the sequel to the first Lego Indiana Jones, and will be a much bigger game with a lot more content. Like the first game, it'll star a blockheaded Lego version of the globetrotting archeologist/adventurer as he explores and fights through Lego brick versions of all the exotic international locales that he's famous for visiting. Among other things, the game will include a "retelling" of the content of every single Indiana Jones movie to date, as well as expanded co-op play and a beefier level-editing tool that will let you make fairly large levels to share with your friends. The game will also have numerous prebuilt levels as part of its story mode, though each level can also be played in Free Play mode, and in that case, the prebuilt levels may have different objectives.

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Who's Making This Game: Traveller's Tales, the creator of the previous Lego games, such as Lego Indiana Jones, Lego Star Wars, and Lego Batman. Clearly, Traveller's Tales is looking to build on the foundation that it has set with the previous game and with previous Lego titles.

What the Game Looks Like: If you've seen a Lego video game from Traveller's Tales, it won't be hard for you to imagine what this one looks like. But to the creator's credit, Lego Indy 2 will pack in a ton of story-related content with retold versions of every single movie to date. The game's introductory cinematic is a modified version of the cafe scene in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in which Harrison Ford and Shia LeBouf are arguing over a treasure map and a band of thugs attacks them. In another sequence, the infamous "Ark discovery" scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark is retold as a fully playable level, except that instead of having the evil Nazis' faces horrifically melt like wax, the Ark of the Covenant instead compels them to dance a nifty disco jig...then zaps them with lightning.

What There Is to Do: Even though the game will revisit the content of previous movies, LucasArts claims that none of the content in Lego Indy 2 will be recycled from the previous game; it'll be all-new, 100% fresh content. The game will have a variety of international levels that will have platforming, item-collection, and fighting elements. Indy can still fight with his fists and with his whip, and he has a few new moves; he can now sight targets for his whip with a glowing green cursor, and, when he swings his whip, he'll temporarily tie up and incapacitate his foe, at which point he can then pick up his enemy and carry him over his shoulder. In addition, the game will have a robust level editor with six different environment types that will let you deform terrain by dragging your "paintbrush" (in this case, a little Lego skeleton flying around in a Lego flying saucer) across it, digging valleys to fill with river water or lava, or raising terrain to make hills or pyramids.

How the Game Is Played: The game is played like most other third-person action games; you control Indy with your left thumbstick and use the face buttons to perform actions such as jumping and attacking. The game also has a two-player mode that will let you play with either a computer-controlled companion or a friend in split-screen co-op.

What They Say: LucasArts suggests that Lego Indy 2 will offer a ton of all-new stuff that will keep people busy for a long time, particularly if they decide to start futzing with the editing tools.

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What We Say: Lego Indy 2 does seem to have a lot going for it, including full retellings of all the movies, no recycled content, two ways to play every single-player level, plus an editor. The game is scheduled to ship this winter for the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3, the Wii, the PC, the PSP, and the DS.

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Can't wait for this, I love the Lego games!

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What? I'm very confused. This says it'll have 100% new content of the original trilogy and some **** about KotCS as well. The claim that the face melting-scene will involve disco makes me wonder if the target audience will be kept consistent with the films (plus kids that are into adventures, I guess) or will it change into some completely different demographic. Also, the wording suggested, at least to me, the greaser fight is a cutscene, there are Half-Life-style cutscenes, and the levels and cutscenes will be remade in which case this would be a remake or perhaps just a Dark Athena-esque re-release. Of course, I don't know what the hell exactly these guys are saying since I'm pretty sure the Kane & Lynch incident made all the smart editors leave, so it all up to people on acid to decipher this ****.

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I'll have to buy this when it comes out.

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Made this Indy Jones fan happy. Loved the last Lego Indiana Jones game.

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i wanna reserve it:)

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but this whole new level editor will make the game almost seem way too easy, which is a problem. Because as it is, the lego games don't really have much of a challenge to them. Plus this level editor seems to make the game stray away from its original roots as a fun and simplistic game with the right formula, this being added to it may just complicate things more than they need to be. But maybe even on the other hand, this may be very intuitive and may make this game an original compared to the previous lego games.

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the first indiana jones was billiant. Ive come to love the other lego games like lego Batman, and lego starwars. Just cant get enough of them.

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wait, it's not for PS2?

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sweet, but can u play over live?

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this is going to be good a level editor nice

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I was going to trade the original for this one, but if it really is going to be 100% fresh new ideas, I just might keep the original

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This game is going to be good because its Indiana Jones and it will also have a level editor which is probably going to make this game even more awesome.

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Well if it really is all new then sounds like it'll be a hit!