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Lego Horizon Adventures Recasts Sylens, Formerly Played By Lance Reddick

Guerrilla recalls the late, great actor fondly, calling him "extremely beloved."


When Lego Horizon Adventures launches on PS5, Switch, and PC this holiday season, a familiar character will be portrayed by a new voice. Sylens, a mysterious figure for most of Horizon Zero Dawn's story, will re-appear in Lego Horizon Adventures, which draws from the 2017 game but does not tell the same exact story. Lance Reddick, the late, great actor who died in 2023 previously, portrayed Sylens in both Horizon games.

For this next installment of the series, the role has been recast, Guerrilla told GameSpot in a recent interview, though the actor assigned to the role is not something the studio would yet share. "Sylens does make an appearance [in Lego Horizon Adventures]," Guerrilla narrative director James Windeler said.

As for Reddick, Windeler said everyone at the studio recalls the actor with the utmost appreciation. "He was amazing. And he is extremely important to Guerrilla and to the fanbase. [His death] was a blow, and we're lucky that his legacy lives on in the games [...] He is extremely beloved."

Lego Horizon Adventures is a reinterpretation of Zero Dawn, not a retelling.
Lego Horizon Adventures is a reinterpretation of Zero Dawn, not a retelling.

Elsewhere in the game, several of its most prominent voices return, including the ubiquitous Ashly Burch as the protagonist Aloy and JB Blanc, who narrates the game as Aloy's mentor, Rost.

Lego Horizon Adventures is coming at the end of 2024. For a deeper dive into what to expect, read our hands-on preview, which reveals Lego Horizon Adventures isn't your typical Lego game.

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