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Lego goes MMO

NetDevil, toy company team up to build massively multiplayer online "gaming experience"; details yet to be announced.


Lego my MMO!
Lego my MMO!

One of the simplest toys of all time has found a profitable home in one of the most technologically advanced areas of entertainment. Lego building blocks have parlayed their appeal into video games, with the brand taking the spotlight in a pair of Star Wars-branded games from developer Traveller's Tales, as well as several other games over the past decade.

Now, the interlocking toys will venture into another hot avenue of gaming--the massively multiplayer online space. Lego Group today announced that it is partnering with Colorado-based NetDevil to create a "massively multiplayer online gaming experience."

Lego has not yet announced any specifics on the game, leaving the window open for speculation on what the game will entail. NetDevil previously created the vehicular MMOG Auto Assault. However, the emphasis on attracting a younger audience means the Lego MMOG is likely to go the way of Ubisoft's Puzzle Pirates, which has a very Lego-influenced visual style.

NetDevil's Web site says that the Lego MMOG is due out sometime in 2008.

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