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Lego Fortnite: Where To Find Knotroot

The key resource knotroot is hidden away a little bit, but we can help you find it.


For the first hour or two you spend in a new world in Lego Fortnite, resources are plentiful and generally lying all over the place near wherever you happen to set up your village. But when it comes time to upgrade to level 4, you'll need something new: knotroot. You won't find this stuff just anywhere, and when you do find it your basic forest axe just ain't gonna cut it, either figuratively or literally. But don't worry, we'll walk you through all the steps you'll need to take to get started harvesting knotroot.

What you need to harvest knotroot

To start with, you'll need an uncommon (green) forest axe, which is one quality level better than the first axe you're able to craft at your workbench. So you'll need to upgrade the bench for the first time, which requires eight wood planks and three roller shells--not too tough to procure.

Once you've upgraded the bench, you can make an uncommon-quality forest axe with three wooden rods and three skeleton bones, which are plentiful at night. Once you've done that, it's time to go spelunking.

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How to find knotroot

Knotroot is only found in caves, and so you'll need to go looking for one. Fortunately, they're fairly easy to spot: cave entrances will appear on the massive piles of boulders around the world that are too big to mine with a pickaxe--they're easy to see from pretty far away, and once you get close to a cave entrance it'll automatically be marked on your map permanently. For now, stick with caves in the temperate zone--if you're just now getting knotroot for the first time, then there's basically no chance you're equipped for the hot or cold areas, and you'll be killed pretty quickly once you step foot in a caves in those areas.

Once you go inside your cave in the temperate zone, the knotroot will catch your eye pretty quickly, because it's just twisty, curly tree roots sticking out of the cave walls and ceilings all over the place. There will be plenty around, but the cave will also likely be filled with creatures that will try to kill you, so you'll have to fight as you go.

From there, you can use the knotroot itself as a crafting ingredient to upgrade your village to level 4 and do various other things, and you can also turn it into Knotroot rods to make better equipment.

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