Lego Donkey Kong Teased, Coming This Summer

Along with Dry Bowser Castle Expansion, Lego also announced a new Donkey Kong character figure on Mario Day.


Lego teased a new Donkey Kong character figure during its Mario Day livestream. Not much is known about it--other than Donkey Kong having space for another Lego character to ride on his back--and more info, like pricing, will likely be available closer to summer.

Just from the teaser image, it looks like the Donkey Kong figure is similar in size to the electronic Mario figure (the one available in the Mario Starter Course kit).

Lego Donkey Kong
Lego Donkey Kong

In addition to Donkey Kong, Dry Bowser and his castle expansion was also announced by Lego. Dry Bowser's kit ($110) will be available on August 1, and preorders are not available yet. Dry Bowser's Castle Expansion kit features a little gym area and five Lego characters including a Dry Bowser, a Magmaargh, a Bone Piranha Plant, a Bone Goomba, and a Purple Toad.

There's also a bunch of other Mario Day deals, including nice discounts on Switch games. Super Mario Odyssey, Luigi's Mansion 3, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe are all $40 each (original prices are $60).

In related Mario news, there's a sweet buy one get one deal for The Super Mario Bros. movie tickets. It's the perfect time to convince your friends to be the Mario to your Luigi (or vice versa), and drag them along with you to see the highly anticipated Mario movie.

The Super Mario Bros. releases on April 5.

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