Lego Black Friday Deals: Buy This Lego Batmobile, Get Two Lego Sets For Free

Holy look at this Lego set, Batman.


The 1989 Tim Burton Barman movie celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2019, and Lego decided to get in on the action for Black Friday 2019. The company has released an amazing $250 replica of the Batmobile from the film. It's easily a must-have for Batman fans new and old. From now until December 5, you'll get a free mini Batmobile ($30 value) when purchasing the replica Batmobile as part of Lego's Black Friday 2019 sale. As a bonus, you'll also get an exclusive Lego Christmas tree set for spending more than $120.

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Lego DC Super Heroes 1989 Batmobile | $250

The massive 3,306-piece set measures at 23 inches long, 8 inches wide, and roughly 4 inches tall when built. Impressively, the Batmobile has the same curved design that made Bruce Wayne's ride pop in the 1989 movie.

You'll probably want to think twice before taking the Batmobile apart after completing the build. On top of being marketed as one of Lego's more challenging sets to put together, it has a number of cool features that will make it a cool build to display. The cockpit slides open to reveal two seats, and if you turn the turbine exhaust, a pair of machine guns pop-up. The wraparound windshield adds some bonus style to an already slick-looking build.

If you have kids, they'll probably want to zoom it around across the kitchen floor like a race car (can't blame them). But if you manage to keep it away from them (a tall order and a tad mean), it comes with a rotating display stand complete with some facts and specifications about this unique Batmobile.

One you stop gawking at the Batmobile itself, you'll be able to tell that it comes with three figures, each of which were updated for the new set: Batman, Joker, and Vicki Vale.

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Lego's Black Friday sales run through Monday, December 2, with new deals being added each day. If you spend $120 on the site, you'll get the aforementioned Christmas tree set.

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