Lego Bionicle game announced

Argonaut is developing an action adventure platformer based on Lego's popular Bionicle toys.


Electronic Arts and Lego Interactive have announced Bionicle, an action adventure game that will be released later this year for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, and PC. Like the successful line of toys of the same name, the Bionicle game takes place in the paradise world of Mata Nui, which is being threatened by the villain Makuta. Six heroes, known as the Toa, must stop this evil threat. Players will have the chance to evolve the Toa into their enhanced Toa Nuva forms and find the seventh Toa, making for a total of 13 playable Toa.

The game's adventure will take players through a variety of themed locations, including high mountains, great lakes, and mighty volcanoes. The gameplay combines combat challenges with puzzles, and there are a number of power-ups to find that will help the Toa advance along the way.

Bionicle is scheduled to ship this fall and will be copublished by EA and Lego Interactive.

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