Lego Battles skirmish onto DS

Traveller's Tales readying build-and-battle handheld game based on castle, pirates, and space themes for a summer release.


LEGO Battles

Legos may be at the heart of Traveller's Tales' recent run of humorous Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Batman parody games, but the construction toy's fundamental use--that is, building--has been noticeably lacking. However, with Traveller's Tales next installment in its Lego series, the Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment-owned studio will be tackling the building bit head on.

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Today, WBIE announced that Lego Battles will arrive for the Nintendo DS this summer. An original game, Lego Battles gives gamers the chance to construct bases and armies out of the venerable multicolored building blocks and then do battle in more than 70 different levels. As with Traveller's Tales' previous Lego efforts, humorous gameplay will be on prominent display in Lego Battles, with the game incorporating six different storylines. Lego Battles will also accommodate multiplayer modes by way of the DS's Wi-Fi capabilities.

The new game will be set wholly within the Lego universe, incorporating themes from the toy maker's castle-, pirates-, and space-themed lines. As such, players will have access to a variety of fantastical creations, including buccaneers, wizards, aliens, dragons, and ninjas. The setup will also bring to resolution such pressing questions as whether a pirate ship could down a flying saucer.

Traveller's Tales' Lego series has thus far proven to be a lucrative venture for the studio. As part of its earnings announcement today, megacorporation Time Warner called out Traveller's Tales' Lego Indiana Jones and Lego Batman games as bright spots in Warner Bros. Entertainment's otherwise lackluster fiscal 2008 year-end results. For the full year, WBE brought in $11.4 billion, a 2 percent year-over-year decline.

WBIE purchased Traveller's Tales in 2007 after receiving a $500 million investment by an Abu Dhabi-based financial group.

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