Lego Batman Movie And Knight Rider Expansions Coming To Lego Dimensions

Na na na na na na na na Le-go!


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Lego Dimensions expansions based around The Lego Batman Movie and 1980s TV series Knight Rider are available now, publisher Warner Bros. has announced.

There are three expansion packs in all: the Knight Rider Fun Pack, the Lego Batman Movie Story Pack, and the Excalibur Batman Fun Pack. Take a look at a trailer for the new Batman content below.

According to Warner Bros., the Story Pack "provides a deep, story-driven gameplay experience with iconic DC characters in six puzzle-packed levels." The physical pack comes with Batgirl and Robin minifigures as well as a buildable Batwing.

The Excalibur Batman pack includes a Bionic Steed buildable, as well another dark knight figure, the latter of which grants access to the in-game Lego Batman Movie Adventure World and Battle Arena.

Lastly, the unrelated Knight Rider pack features a physical Michael Knight figure, and--of course--the iconic KITT car.

The in-game effects include a bunch of new moves and abilities, including Batgirl's detective mode and Robin's movement skills (as well as the ability to transform him into Nightwing).

Note that in North America, the Excalibur Batman Fun Pack is exclusive to Target until March 28, while the Knight Rider pack is exclusive to GameStop for the same period. All the expansions are available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Wii U.

Lego Dimensions first launched in 2015. Subsequent expansions have included Doctor Who, Batman v Superman, The Simpsons, Sonic, and Harry Potter. We enjoyed the brick-building game here at GameSpot, with critic Randolph Ramsay awarding it an 8; check out our full Lego Dimensions review for more. We also think it achieves exactly what it set out to do--makes you feel like a kid again.

For more on the latest Lego film, meanwhile, check out our video on five reasons why you need to see The Lego Batman Movie.

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