Lego Batman 2 tops dismal June sales

NPD Group says caped crusader's latest sells 450,000 while US retail game industry sales plunge 29 percent; Ghost Recon: Future Soldier sneaks into second place.


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The gaming industry's June US retail sales were so bad that not even two Batmen could save them. Despite a top 10 that featured Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes and Batman: Arkham City, the NPD Group today reported that June gaming sales were down 29 percent year-over-year.

This is Batman's game. Superman is just another sidekick.
This is Batman's game. Superman is just another sidekick.

The dark knight's latest Lego tie-in sold 450,000 units across all platforms last month, enough to secure the top spot on the charts. Meanwhile, Batman: Arkham City rode a Game of the Year edition rerelease all the way to the sixth spot on the charts. That was enough to top another super-heroic resurgence, as Activision's Amazing Spider-Man movie tie-in title debuted in 10th place.

Military shooters were another common sight in the top 10, with Ghost Recon: Future Soldier actually moving up the charts in its second month of release, landing in the number two spot. Last holiday season's feuding FPS games from Activision and Electronic Arts also kept hostilities up, as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 finished in eighth place, just ahead of Battlefield 3.

The industry completed a difficult first half of 2012, which saw every month post double-digit percentage declines. February has been the best month of the year to date, posting a mere 20 percent slide in industry sales. June continued the trend with hardware sales down 45 percent, and software sales off 29 percent. However, the accessories market continued to post modest gains, up 4 percent year-over-year. NPD analyst Anita Frazier said the accessories numbers have particularly benefitted from a boost in sales of point cards for online services, which have been up 36 percent through the first half of the year.

As for why the industry is struggling so, Frazier pointed out that the first half of the year saw 34 percent fewer titles released than in 2011. While she said the average release is bringing in 2 percent more revenue, the overall dearth of new launches has been contributing to the ongoing declines.

Microsoft also sent out a note heralding the Xbox 360's performance in June, saying the system sold 257,000 units for the month. That makes 18 straight months that the Xbox 360 has been the best-selling console in the US.

Total consumer spend (rentals, used sales, digital estimates included): $1.36 billion
Total retail sales: $699.8 million (-29%)
Non-PC hardware: $201.3 million (-45%)
Non-PC software: $328.7 million (-29%)
Total software: $362.8 million (-27%)
Accessories: $169.8 million (+4%)

Title (Platforms) - Publisher
1. Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (X360, PS3, Wii, Vita, 3DS, DS, PC) - WBIE
2. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (X360, PS3) - Ubisoft
3. Diablo III (PC) - Activision Blizzard
4. Max Payne 3 (X360, PS3) - Take-Two
5. NBA 2K12 (X360, PS3, PS2, PSP, Wii, PC) - Take-Two
6. Batman: Arkham City (X360, PS3, PC) - Warner Bros.
7. Pokemon Conquest (DS) - Nintendo
8. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (X360, PS3, Wii, PC) - Activision
9. Battlefield 3 (X360, PS3, PC) - Electronic Arts
10. The Amazing Spider-Man (Wii, X360, PS3, 3DS, DS) - Ubisoft

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Yeah the prices are high but if we compare Lego games with other. So we can see the huge quality difference. check this site and see the difference.

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Hey look, up in the sky, it's Fatman to the rescue...oh wait, I think the Fatmobile just broke a wheel and Joker got away.

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I am very confused, folks. Why isn't Lollipop Chainsaw on the sales list for June, despite how big of a fanbase it is drawing?

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Well if there are 34% fewer titles in June year over year, you would think people would be spending more money on the fewer titles available. However, they are not, and this only furthers the theory that gamers are bored with this generation. Bring on the new consoles!

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Diablo 3, third place? That's very good, considering it's only the retail version. The digital version probably sells even more than the retail version! Lol at the trolls claiming that Diablo 3 is a flop, or that Diablo 3 is dead

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I'll get Lego Batman 2 when the platinum hits version is released for $20 with all the DLC that they stripped from the game. I can't believe Lego games are doing the DLC crap thing to.

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are you on crack there are no dlc for this game now batman arkham city yes that has a bunch of dlc but none of the lego game has dlc what they do have is minikits you find in the game to unlock new stuff know what your talking about before you open your mouth

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Google it. There was preorder dlc for this game that can't be purchased separately yet. So to answer your question I'm not on crack. If you already bought it without the preorder deal you are missing a bunch of extra villain and hero characters.

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sorry i was wrong gotta cut back on the meds

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lego will keep going strong with lord of the rings coming out later in the year anyone whos played them knows they are as fun for adults as kids

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I love how these people act all upset because of low sales. That's kind of what happens when not many games worth buying come out around the same time or month. And the fact that so many people are unemployed and scraping by in this country. Hey, maybe it you fired the governments and actually got people in there that could do their jobs without bickering as 10 yr olds more people might be able to afford buying games. Heh? And, maybe if gestapo corporations like EA and Activision weren't allowed to nickle and dime or flat out rip consumers off then more people could afford to buy more games. heh? Yes.

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PC Games migrate to Digital Distribution,,

exploding used-sales on Consoles,,

and yeah, Retail really fucked up,,

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This is no surprise to me, it seems like all the Lego games sell pretty well, even in the demise of game sales.....probably all the spoiled little kids that there parents get them everything they

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Summer time is always a rough time for video games. A lot of people are on vacations and do so many outdoor activities that you don't get as many people seeking out games.

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maybe if they lowered the prices of games, I would buy more. or buy the newest version of a franchise.

I bet used sales are exploding.

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I'm thinking sales like this will continue until next-gen. It's simply too intimidating to want to make a new IP now with consoles so precariously placed. Why make something new and risky now when the console might be replaced in just one more year?

This has led to serious IP stagnation and frankly, I'm getting so sick of sequels. Dragon's Dogma has been a great breath of fresh air this year because it was DIFFERENT.

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Two probable reasons: 1. No AAA titles being released at the moment. 2. Gamers are now playing through their backlog of good games we were deluged with this past year.

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Amazing Spiderman debuts at no.10?! Lmao

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Release virtually nothing; see virtually no sales...just like every summer.

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Walmart had both of them together for $50, I was pretty tempted...

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And then November will come around with all the popular first-person shooters, making it the most successful month of the year. Just like every year (well, besides from December).

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18-0 Wining

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LEGO FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Battlefield 3 FTW!!!

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This is just sad, lol.

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I wrote a little blog peice about this last year maybe? Idk. But its the same every year. Holliday season big boom.... One or two AAA games feb-march. Nothing from April-Sept. It really makes me mad that they say 'profits are down'. They may be down but companies are still MAKING money. Just not enough for some people I guess. Drop another Dev and delete ingenuity

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@Llama345 welcome to modern businessfare

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Seems like anytime I see something about game sales and the like, it always use words like declining, dismal, going down, or bad. I don't need news that tell me that game sales are declining for the 7th month in a row.

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And so video gaming dies a little more

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Really? How were people not more interested in Spec Ops The Line, such an underrated game.

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Do we really need these stories month after month? anyone with half a brain can figure this out on their own. No AAA games come out, no sales. Seems simple enough to me. Keep up the negative press Gamespot.

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Not surprising. I want to like those Lego games, but they just make them far too short and easy. I know they're for kids and all that, but they could make them a little bit challenging. I never buy them until they get down to about $20 and even then I don't really think they're worth that much.

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@xxxMExxx Yeah they are for kids, but I do smile a lot when playing Lego Star Wars with my son. I get a thrill everytime I make the tables and chair dance via the Force, and the Kantana song comes on.

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Shouldn't Diablo 3 be #1 again? Oh wait... DRM, connection issues, less capabilities than D2, etc.... How'd it make #3 again?

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@valdarez Probably would be #1 if NPD counted digital sales.

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@valdarez Probably would be #1 if they counted digital sales.

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wow never thought a lego game would be on top of the rest of the games a month... guess anythings possible!:)

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@yoalex232 That has happened before.