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Lego Batman 2 Isn't Happening Due To Rights Issues

Lego Batman won't be protecting the streets of Gotham again anytime soon.


DC Comics and Lego have been close for years, with the two brands coming together to create four games and a dozen direct-to-video movies and shows. One of the biggest productions from the two companies, though, was the 2017 Lego Batman Movie. We won't be getting a sequel, though, and it comes down to rights, Collider reports.

"Because Lego has left Warner Bros. and is now over at Universal (as of April 2020), there probably won't be a Lego Batman sequel, unfortunately. I'm so sorry to say that, but I don't think they'll be making a Lego Batman 2," said Lego Batman Movie director Chris McKay. In other words for the movie to happen, Warner Bros. would have to let Universal make a movie with their most profitable character--the one they're too conservative to make even a sex joke with, let alone trust someone else with a whole movie. Alternatively, Universal would have to let Warner Bros. make a Lego movie despite the studio's exclusive deal.

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The movie was in the early stages when the changeover happened. According to McKay, none other than Dan Harmon, creator of NBC's Community and Adult Swim's Rick and Morty, was writing the film with Michael Waldron.

It was "a story about Batman's relationship to the Justice League now, as well as formative moments of the Justice League then," McKay said, along with developing Batman's relationship with Superman. The film was meant to be about friendship and change, McKay said.

"It was about how hard it is to change. To commit to change. To stay on the new road you've carved for yourself," he said. Movies like Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse had also influenced Warner Bros. to give the writers more room to take Batman seriously in the Lego context.

While Lego Batman 2 isn't happening, Matt Reeves' film, The Batman, has finished filming. We've seen just a couple teasers for the movie, but we're already picking them apart for all the Easter eggs we can find. The Batman is currently scheduled to release on March 4, 2022.

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