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Lego Atari 2600 Discounted To Best Price Yet, But You Should Hurry

Return to the '80s with this delightful replica of a classic Atari video game console.


If you're nostalgic for the Atari era, the Lego Atari 2600 is an extremely cool building kit that accurately recreates the unique design of the iconic console. Normally $240, the Lego Atari 2600 is currently on sale for only $168 at Amazon, which is the lowest price ever at the retailer. As such, we wouldn't be surprised to see this deal sell out. In fact, it already sold out at this price at Kohl's, the retailer Amazon is matching.

Lego icons Atari 2600
Lego icons Atari 2600

This is a great set for that rainy afternoon, as there are over 2,500 pieces in the box. Once you've assembled it, you'll have a replica console with functioning switches, a brick-built Atari joystick designed to move like the original controller, and even several cartridges to display.

A neat little extra inside of the Lego Atari 2600.
A neat little extra inside of the Lego Atari 2600.

It's worth pointing out that this is an Atari console in looks only, but the other retro surprise includes a hidden gaming room straight out of the '80s. This a small diorama and includes small details like a retro landline phone, TV, posters, and a boom box.

The buildable cartridges are also based on real games like Asteroids, Centipede, and Adventure. The cartridges can be stored in a case and built into mini 3D vignette versions of the games. Finally, the console includes a switch to toggle for color or black-and-white television sets.

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