Lego 2K Drive Preorders Are Live: Here's What You Get With Each Edition

Everything is awesome in each edition of Lego's new racer.


After a week of teases and leaks, Lego 2K Drive has officially been revealed for a May 19 release date. The new racer takes Lego to the race track, with customizable cars featuring over 1,000 different digital Lego pieces and a fully drivable open world. Lego 2K Drive will be available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch, and PC, and if the idea of Lego racing excites you, you’ll be glad to know that preorders are now open. Here’s a look at Lego 2K Drive preorders, including each available version and the bonuses that come with jumping in early.

Lego 2K Drive preorder bonuses

Every preorder of Lego 2K Drive will come with the Aquadirt Racer Pack, which is a trio of water-themed vehicles that will be available for in-game racing. If you preorder a physical copy of the game, you will also receive a physical Aquadirt Racer kit to build your own racer in the real world.

Lego 2K Drive will place players in the open world of Bricklandia, which features multiple unique areas and biomes that they'll race through while trying to earn the Sky Cup Trophy. Every player will choose how they wish to play, whether they want to just drive the open road or take on the game's many challenges, races, and more.

GameSpot's hands-on preview of Lego 2K Drive said "there's so much to do and see, and so many smart ways the systems fold into each other for a seamless experience. But in the moment, while playing, it's anything but overwhelming. It's a breezy, pick-up-and-play experience that uses its multitude of systems and options to feel expansive, without getting in the way of the fun."

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