Legends of Middle-earth domains registered

Licensing firm picks up new game-related Web addresses focused on J.R.R. Tolkien's iconic fantasy novels.


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Are gamers being called back to J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth? New domain name registrations indicate a new game--Legends of Middle-earth--is in the development pipeline.

Who are the legends of Middle-earth?
Who are the legends of Middle-earth?

As spotted by trademark and domain name sleuthing site Fusible, The Saul Zaentz Company (owners of Middle-earth Enterprises) grabbed the following domain names on March 12: LegendsofMiddleEarthGame.com, LOMgame.com, and LOMEgame.com.

None of the websites are operable, and as of press time, Warner Bros. had not responded to GameSpot's request for comment. Warner Bros. has held the Lord of the Rings games license since 2009.

If a Legends of Middle-earth game comes to fruition, the name won't be a surprise to everyone. A pen-and-paper role-playing game of the same name was designed by a fan and posted online in 2004. It is unclear if the domain name registrations are in any way tied to this project.

The most recent Lord of the Rings title to hit shelves was 2011's tepidly received Lord of the Rings: War in the North, developed for Warner Bros. by Snowblind Studios. And according to an October report, a game based on The Hobbit is planned to ship prior to the film, which hits theaters on December 14.

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@MrAWESOME7 Because usually, licensed stuff becomes milkware, they just hope the name will be enough to make money without caring about making something good. Sadly :(

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Lego LOTR!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Also, all the games released before seem to be concentrating on the events of the movies or the LoTR books... But there's a huge amount of lore left in the other books! For example, it would be awesome if they made a game about the First age, or about Morgoth and Turin..

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LOTR has so much potential for a brilliant game, why is it not happening?

Avatar image for egyptian2388

It's so hard being a huge LoTR fan these days... All those companies do is release game after crappy game and of course the huge fans like myself convince ourselves that "This game could be better".. But nothing... Absolutely nothing... The only good games to date are The Battle for Middle-Earth series..

Avatar image for LordSauronGAV

the battle for middle earth 3 would be welcomed but it must be something never seen, it must compensate for the other failures...it can't be the same as 1 and 2...either...the next game of battle for middle earth has to be exaggerated, more troops and more fortifications,scariest,darkest walls more freedom in their construction, these games have to exaggerate.

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Massive love for all of Tolkeins work, however i hold little faith for any related games :(

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@supertom221 I've wondered the same thing ever since they disconnected the servers for BFME2. I'm pretty sure the last company who made it went down the toilet, so we'll have to wait until someone buys the rights.

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Battle for middle earth was awesome, they should make a third. It would be cool if they made a game focused on the events of the first war against Sauron. explaining more in depth on how he got to power and maybe a little more emphasis on Isildur's character. Besides the opening battle scene of the first movie looks epic and id like a little taste of that.

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its going to suck. They all have, and every new LOTR game says its going to do things the others didn't, yet they all end up sucking. Let Bethesda get a hold of it and you'll have something great but I've never seen a movie to game inspired title that's been any good I'm sorry to say, but hey, maybe this'll change my mind.

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LotR has been a major influence for nearly every single RPG ever created, yet there's never been one made about it that can stand it's own ground. Two Towers and Return of the King are still the best games to ever come out of the LotR universe

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OH, look, another game based on the famous JRR books and movies that will be no more than a quick cash grab like WitN. Spectacular. Battle for Middle Earth 3. WHERE IS IT??

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Has there ever been a good LOTR game? Seriously stop tainting the memories of the amazing books and films. JRR is turning in his grave right about now.

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There's so much room for an amazing, dark, gritty RPG set in the Lord of the Rings Universe...Please, don't suck.

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Battle For Middle Earth 3 wouldn't go a miss. Loved that game. Legends as in maybe you can play tales of the original cast + Hobbit movie that is coming out and perhaps a more expansive create a hero. Here's hoping!

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maybe it has something to do with the upcoming hobbit movie?!

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they need to make a silmarillion-based epic.

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Please don't suck, please don't suck, please don't suck!

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Pretty sure "Legends" refers to the multiple tales and stories within Tolkien's world, not any specific legendary being, as there are far too many.

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still waiting on that LOTR game that's just gonna blow me away.

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Here's hoping for a battle for middle earth 3 :)

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@MrAWESOME7 You mean like LOTRO?

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the perfect game of lotr would be in the same style as fable,skyrim...it would be amazing to have that kind of interaction with the characters in the game, to be able to explore middle earth like in elder scrolls....war in the north its a crapy game, and the others to for the exception of "battle for middle earth 1 2 and expansion"

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I would love to see a 1st age game, something like the elder scrolls style would be awesome, very unlikely though...

Avatar image for KingofCabal

Good Tolkien based games are far and few between, so well just have to wait and see..

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hmm looks cool, let's see after KoAR what's gonna be....

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Just think of a game like Elder Scrolls meets Middle Earth.

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Just play Third Age: Total war 3.0 if you want your lotr gaming fix. Every official game based on lotr has sucked ass.

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I can pray for a 1st age of Middle-earth cant I? Shattered they dont have the rights to The Silmarillion! But they have the rights to anything in LOTR so there is a fair bit of 2nd Age history in the appendices.

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They should definitely go for the earliest books and follow through gently (not rushing and squeezing everything into 1 game) from the point of view of either specific new characters for each Age or from a character that lived throughout.. but they could adopt the altair/ezio/new guy idea to depict those ancient times of morgoth and the silmarils etc etc.. they have huge potential !

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Here is an idea, the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit universe has so much published lore why don't we just pull a KOTOR and set the next game long before the events of those books. I mean there are 3 full ages to take advantage of before the books started up, why not take people back in time for a bit?

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Give us a full blown deep rich RPG. Do not dumb it down. Xbox 360 please. Thank You

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just hope it's not an rpg or h&s.

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the perfect game of lotr would be in the same style as fable,skyrim...it would be amazing to have that kind of interaction with the characters in the game, to be able to explore middle earth like in elder scrolls....war in the north its a crapy game, and the others to for the exception of "battle for middle earth 1 2 and expansion"

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loved Battle for middle earth 1 & 2 and the exp pack for the second game was hands down amazing :) if they make a third one ill be a happy lotr fan ^^

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So this is a sequal or another Battle for Middle Earth? that is one of my favorite RTS of all time

Avatar image for foxrock66

White Council reborn? I hope so

Avatar image for Davi11111111111

I hope it's something like "what LOTR: Conquest should be." That would be epic! A better Conquest, with LOTR characters (Conquest's design was terrible), and much better game play!

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We still haven't gotten a good RPG in Tolkien's world, have we? It's always action, strategy and MMOs. :/

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We Tolkien fans are still waiting for a quality game about Arda.

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I was quite disappointed with the cancellation of The White Council so I hope that this game takes on what White Council started!!

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mmm, would be awesome if it was like skyrim,but i think it will be just a DOTA clone

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@LordSauronGAV. Great idea!

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Any additional games in Middle-Earth are very welcome. I have yet to have one completely grab me, but I love the universe and the films.

Avatar image for LordSauronGAV

why not make a lotr game in the same style as elder scrolls??it would be a fantastic game

Avatar image for AcidSoldner

This is just an assumption based off of the name, but I get the feeling this might be a MOBA game.

Avatar image for Agent_StarFire

still hoping for a bfme 3

Avatar image for moonknght24

Make a LOTR game that takes place in the first age!

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There have been decent LOTR games but non that are "great" just a classic make money off of the name not content.

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