Legendary gets dates with destiny

Gamecock's delayed shooter for Xbox 360, PS3 arrives next week; PC version pushed to November 18.


Somewhere in the excitement of being acquired by SouthPeak Interactive, Gamecock Media Group failed to meet its announced September 30 launch date for the Spark Unlimited first-person shooter Legendary.

The publisher is taking a second crack at dating the mythological-meets-modern-day shooter; today it announced that Legendary will launch on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on November 4. Meanwhile, the PC edition, which had been scheduled for release that day, is being pushed back a fortnight to November 18.

Originally announced as Legendary: The Box, the game puts players in the shoes of an unfortunate soul who opens Pandora's Box, introducing a mythological menagerie of killer beasts to a 21st-century world ill-equipped to deal with griffins and werewolves. Providing the storyline justification for this mix is Kingdom Come comic author Mark Waid, who wrote a 96-page graphic novel to accompany the game's release.

The alternate-present setting of the game is something of a new trick for developer Spark Unlimited. Previously, the studio had worked on the critically lambasted alternate-history shooter Turning Point: Fall of Liberty, and the not-so-alternate-history shooter Call of Duty 2: Finest Hour. The latter game--a console spin-off of the Infinity Ward-developed shooter series--was the cause of a nasty legal battle between Spark and Activision.

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