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Legendary Elden Ring Player Immortalized As Free 3D-Printed Model

The player "Let me solo her" has been helping people beat Malenia while only wearing a jar on their head.


An absolute legend has been gaining widespread attention in Elden Ring as of late, and it's not a character From Software created. No, this is a player who goes by the name "Let me solo her," who specialized in killing the game's hardest boss for struggling players, and now they have been immortalized in a 3D-printed model you can download.

Shared on Reddit, the 3D model features the character's unusual gearset. Just like in the game, the character wears no armor except for a pot on their head, opting for pure speed in order to dodge Malenia's vicious attacks. They also come with two katana blades, including the deadly Rivers of Blood used to put a bleeding effect on the boss.

Source: Realsteone Miniatures on Patreon
Source: Realsteone Miniatures on Patreon

If you want to print out the sculpture for yourself, the files are available for free via Realsteone Miniatures on Patreon. You'll have to paint the figure in order to get that sweet bloody effect on the sword, but it's worth the time to do it right when you're paying tribute to such an icon.

Let me solo her is, without question, one of the most impressive Elden Ring players we've ever seen. In the video above, you can see them taking down Malenia like she's a starting-area popcorn enemy, effortlessly dodging her attacks and stacking damage while the people actually reaping the benefits sit back and watch. Of course, that's not their fault: It was literally a command. It does make it a little bit more disheartening to lose to Malenia when wearing a full armor set and a Mimic Tear, however.

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