Legend of Zelda Weapons and Armor Now Available in MH4U

March's free Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC pack brings a bunch of new quests, weapons, and more.

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Capcom has released a free Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC pack for the month of March, the most exciting aspect of which is the new Legend of Zelda-inspired Link equipment.

Unlike the free Mario (or Luigi) outfit and weapon for your Palico, Link's gear is something that you'll be able to equip and use yourself. Obtaining it will also be much more difficult, as Link's armor, sword, and bow will all require you to first complete some high-difficulty quests. The Three Virtues quest provides the Triforce item needed to craft the Hero's Armor, while the Fire Fight quest offers the Goddesses' Fire item needed for the Hero's Sword and Hero's Bow.

Both quests are among the 10 event quests that were released as DLC today alongside a new challenge quest and a three-part episodic quest. These quests range in difficulty, with some awarding materials to craft new (non-Zelda) equipment and and weapons, including the winners of a fan-design contest.

Other DLC offerings include a new Palico and various extras, such as bonus Caravan points and guild card poses.

All of this is available for free from the in-game DLC menu, and represents the first of several planned DLC packs for the game. Capcom plans to release these packs on the first Friday of each month "for the next several months."

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