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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Buying Guide - Where To Find The Best Deals

Tears of the Kingdom is finally here, and we've rounded up all of the officially licensed products along with the best deals for the game.


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is now available on Nintendo Switch. If you're looking to snag a copy, we've rounded up all of the details you need to know, from retailer-specific bonuses to even an exclusive discount for GameSpot readers. And there's plenty more than just the game up for grabs. You can also grab the gorgeous special-edition Switch OLED console right now along with other Tears of the Kingdom-themed products, including a new Link Amiibo, the official strategy guide, a carrying case, and more. Many of these products have been going in and out of stock since they were announced, so keep checking back in the coming days if you want to add them to your collection.

The console has remained in stock far longer than the $130 Collector's Edition and Switch Pro controller, both of which sold out very quickly. But if you're interested in the special-edition console, we'd recommend making a purchase ASAP. We'd also suggest grabbing the Link Amiibo, as it only recently became available again after being out of stock for weeks. Additionally, we expect the hardcover version of the strategy guide to sell out, just like the Breath of the Wild hardcover did.

Back to the game: All major retailers had been taking preorders at the original $60 price point, so if you happened to order a copy before the change to $70, you lucked out. You can actually still get Tears of the Kingdom for $60 if you buy from Super Shop using promo code GMSPTZLDA. The only downside here is that Super Shop doesn't offer release-date delivery. Alternatively, Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can use the Switch eShop's voucher promotion to get digital copies of Tears of the Kingdom and another game for $100.

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