Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Walkthrough

Get back on track with our walkthrough for the Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.


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The latest game in the Legend of Zelda series is finally here, and it brings with it the usual gamut of dungeons, puzzles, and hidden treasure for which the franchise is so well known. And as usual, the game can be downright devious at times, whether it's due to an unsolvable puzzle or a seemingly impossible boss encounter. But no matter where you're stuck, our walkthrough will be there to get you through.

Here's what you'll find in GameSpot's Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Game Guide:

  • General Tips: Explore Hyrule with confidence using our tips.
  • Walkthrough: Check out our walkthrough for Link's latest adventure, including puzzle solutions and boss encounter.
  • Secrets: Track down every heart piece with our list!

General Tips

Travelling by Train

Whether it was his steed in Ocarina of Time or the ship in Wind Waker, Link always knows how to get around in style. Now in his latest adventure, he'll take to the rolling plains of Hyrule aboard a glamorous locomotive.

Driving the Train

Before setting out on train, you'll want to chart a course for your destination. You can do this simply by drawing a line along the tracks on your map toward your destination. The train will then follow that route without the need for further intervention.

But intervene you will, for it's a dangerous world out there! These hazards include stray animals, attacking enemies, and even other trains! Thankfully, you have several controls at your fingertips that can help you deal with any challenge you may face. These controls include the gearbox, the switch-track, and the train whistle.


The gearbox is essentially the train's gas pedal. This baby has four settings, from top to bottom: Fastest, Fast, Stop, and Reverse. For the most part, you'll want to keep this puppy in top-hear to expedite each journey. However, there are several situations that may arise in which you'll want to slow, stop, or even set the train in reverse. The most obvious situation is when you want arrive at your destination--you'll want to drop down into low-gear as you approach, then come to a stop just as you begin passing by the train platform. Or for you more rambunctious folk, you can also try rolling in at top-speed and simply jamming it into reverse briefly for a quick stop, before setting it to stop.

Train Whistle

The train whistle is primarily used to scare animals who have wandered onto the track, or frighten attacking enemies. A quick toot as you approach should do the trick, though do keep in mind that for some enemies (such as the spiders of the Lost Woods), you'll have to slow your approach first, as they take their sweet time in retreating.

Railroad Switch

Although your train will automatically switch to the proper tracks--as designated by the route you drew on the map--there will be situations in which you'll have to change course on the fly, such as to avoid an inbound train. Whenever you approach a junction, an option will appear at the bottom of the screen enabling you to switch tracks with a quick flick of the wrist. Remember, you can always back-up if you miss.


Aboda Village

Head for the Train Station

Aww, doesn't Link look adorable in his little train conductor uniform? Well, there's no time to admire his cuddliness, you've got an appointment at the castle to make! Exit Niko's house into Aboda Village and head north to the train platform where you'll meet up with Alfonzo. If you've finished up business in town, accept his offer to drive the train to the castle!

Treasure: 20 Rupees If you help clear the rocks from the girl's house on the east side of town (by picking them up and throwing them), she'll award you 20 rupees.

Treasure: Bee Larvae The kid standing in the northwest section of town dares you to roll into the nearby tree with the bee hive. Although doing so well anger the bees (which you can ditch by rolling away, or jumping into any body of water), the kid will also award you some Bee Larvae afterward for your bravery--look for near the train platform to reap your reward.

You only have 300 seconds to make it to the castle, which is plenty of time as long as you know what you're doing. From the get-go, kick the train into top-gear via the gearbox on the right--this baby has four settings, from top to bottom: Fastest, Fast, Stop, and Reverse. You'll also find a train whistle in the top-right corner, useful for scaring dumb animals off the tracks.

A short ways into your journey, you'll be alerted to other trains sharing the tracks as well. Their locations are marked on the top-screen map. To get around them, you'll have to make use of the scattered switch-tracks to ride a rail that won't intercept another train. Use the map to figure out which way the other trains are heading--arrows denote which path the train will take at the switch-tracks. Use that information to predict which path the train will take, then use the switch-box to select the open track. If, however, you do wind up behind a train, don't swear it--either slow down and trail it, or back-up to the switch track and take the other route.

Castle Town

Upon your arrival in Castle Town, explore the town if you wish, but make your way to the passageway to the north, leading to Hyrule Castle. You'll encounter the postman on your way--read his letter and continue onward.

Hyrule Castle

Head north to the castle entrance that the two guards are blocking. Speak with the one on the left and answer his questions to gain access to the castle.

Floor 1

On the first floor, speak with the guard blocking access to the stairs dead-ahead to gain access to the ceremony beyond. After the ceremony, check out the letter , Zelda handed you by accessing the "Collections" screen. The letter explains that Zelda wishes to meet you in private in her bedroom (hey, this game's rated for "everyone," remember?!), but you're gonna have to sneak in. Thankfully, her letter also shows the path to her room--mark your map in the same way if you wish for easy reference. Now exit the room you're in currently to the south, back to Floor 1.

Back on Floor 1, head right, then down to the stairwell in the southeast corner which leads to a walkway outside. Follow the walkway up, along the thin catwalk to a door leading to Floor 2.

Floor 2

Head left, to the closest set of stairs, which leads to Princess Zelda's bedroom. She'll request that you help her escape the castle--so the princess has a thing for bad boys, huh? Exit the room back to Floor 2.

It's now up to you to help Princess Zelda escape the castle. Before we begin, let's cover a few basics: You'll notice that the map on the top-screen shows the locations of the guards patrolling the area. You may have also noticed a yellow cone emanating from each one--this displays guard's field of vision; if Zelda steps into it, she'll be caught and you'll have to start over from the beginning. For now, the guards won't take notice of Link, so it's only important that Zelda remains out-of-sight. As is, she'll follow closely behind, but you can specify a specific route for her to take by tapping the swirling icon below her and drawing a route through the environment--once she reaches the end, she'll remain in place until you either "call" her over (via the icon on the touchscreen) or draw her another route.

For now, you can simply have her tag behind as you head for the exit on the eastern side, while evading a pair of guards. Simply head right, then down, and trail behind the walking guard until he passes by the exit, which you can escape through.

Castle Garden

The garden's a bit trickier to get through and requires a bit more planning. Leave Zelda behind and drop into the garden. Now approach the guard and stand near him on the right side, drawing his gaze away from the garden and toward Link. Now switch to Zelda (by tapping her icon in the bottom-left corner) and draw a path down along the left wall, past the guard Link's distracting. Have her stop just before the next corner, as a second guard lurks just beyond. Have Link talk to the guard with his back to the wall, again drawing his gaze away from the garden. Now have Zelda continue past the guard, then follow the southern wall, stopping just short of the long bush's end.

You're going to have to employ a different technique for the third guard. Have Zelda remain between the wall and the bush while Link heads north to some rocks just past the guard. Pick one up and smash it against the wall, creating a distraction! Now quickly have Zelda dart between the hedges on the left and continue out the castle's exit to the south, and have Link follow after.

Now some crazy stuff's about to go down, which will eventually culminate with Zelda's spirit being separated from her body and Link winding up back at the castle.

Floor 1

Hey, you're back at the castle! But you've already seen the castle…anyway, speak with the people in the room if you wish, then exit through the door below back onto Floor 1. Follow the corridor down, where you'll spot Princess Zelda heading upstairs to Floor 2. Follow her up, via the staircase in the center of the floor.

Floor 2

Continue through the door on the right back onto the main floor, then head up the stairs dead-ahead to reunite with Princess Zelda…or the ghost of her, at least. After meeting with her, exit the room the same way you came in. As you do so, Zelda will chime in that you should head for an exit in the back of the castle. Go there now by reentering the room with the two doors (just below Zelda's room) and exiting out the left one this time. Now climb down the stairs ahead and speak with the guard blocking the door--he'll inform you that you need to equip yourself with a sword first before he'll let you venture out into the dangerous field beyond. Thankfully, the soldiers in the castle's training room can hook you up.

Treasure: 20 Rupees Look for a chest just past the guard blocking the rear exit. Inside awaits 20 Rupees.

To find the training room, head back to Floor 1 (by climbing the stairs and reentering the previous room with the two doors/guards, then exiting out the door below) and then head for the up the corridor on the right to the easter-most door.

Floor 1

Upon reaching the training room, speak with the guard closest to the door who'll provide you with a sword! He'll run you through a quick training program before sending you on your way. Now that you're packing steel, head back to the guard blocking the rear exit (that is, take the staircase in the center of Floor 1, exit the next room through the door on the left, then continue down the stairs dead-ahead) who'll now let you pass through the door into the field beyond, toward the Tower of Spirits.

Behind Hyrule Castle

After exiting into the field behind Hyrule Castle, help the guard in distress by killing the nearby enemies. He'll inform you of an obscured path in the northern wall. Grab a bomb from either side and toss it at the center of the flat section of wall, just left of the tree on the right. The explosion will reveal a cave you can enter--the Tunnel to the Tower.

Tunnel to the Tower

Floor 1

The tunnel's exit is blocked by a locked door, but you'll have to find a key first! You'll find that key inside a chest, behind a door that can only be lowered by setting something upon the nearby switch. Luckily, a block on the south-end of the room is perfect for the occasion! Simply push it around the room (by having Link stands on the side opposite of where you want it to go) and set it onto the switch, lowering the door thereby allowing you to grab the key from the chest and open the door.

Floor 2

As you work your way up the corridor, you'll find several slabs with hints written on them--these reveal the secret to continuing through the cave. At the end, you'll find some bricks blocking the path--toss a couple of the nearby bombs at them to clear the way.

Treasure: 20 Rupees Open the chest at the end of the corridor (just past the blockade) for 20 rupees.

Past the blockade are four switches, that will only open the way if hit in the proper order. If you're having trouble figuring it out from the slabs' clues, hit them in this order: Right, Top, Bottom, Left. Now proceed through up the revealed staircase to Floor 3.

Floor 3

Kill the rats that frighten Zelda, before exiting out the staircase in the rear. After some story-filled goodness, you'll wind up in The Tower of Spirits.

Tower of Spirits

From the ground-level, climb the stairs to the north to the next room and climb the spiraling staircase to the door above, leading to Floor 1.

Floor 1

As you set foot onto Floor 1, an armor-clad Phantom will approach from ahead--these bad boys will send you back to the temple's entrance if they hit you. For now, either run back to the temple entrance, or let it hit you, the result is the same either way. After your Phantom encounter, Anjean will inform you that you can take on the Phantoms, but that you'll have to collect three Tears of Light first, in order to power-up your sword. With this knowledge, climb back up to Floor 1.

Back on Floor 1? Good--take a look at the top-screen, you should notice that the locations of all three Tears of Light are now marked on your map. You'll have to venture around the room collecting all three while evading the Phantom, who is also marked on your map. Now you may have also noticed that there are purple "safe zones" near each Tear of Lights--these areas are off-limits to the Phantoms, so duck into one for safety if a Phantom lurks nearby.

As for the Tears of Light: We recommend heading around the room clockwise, grabbing the one on the left-side first, followed by the top at the top. After collecting the one at the top, head right to find a switch, that when hit, temporarily extends a bridge to the third and final tear. Hurry up and cross it by heading through the interior corridor first to grab the final tear.

With the three Tears collected, your sword will become more powerful, enabling you to fell a Phantom with a strike from behind. Try it out on the one circling the room by sneaking up from behind. After striking him, you'll discover that Zelda can possess its body, enabling her to help out in unique ways. Try it out by having Phantom-Zelda push on half of the closed door (by drawing a line to it) and having Link push on the other to open the way, leading to Floor 2.

Floor 2

The floor spikes on Floor 2 can only be crossed by Phantom-Zelda. Direct her through them to a switch that she can hit just beyond, lowering them into the ground so Link can pass as well. Head south at the next hall to find two switches bordering a door. Have Link and Phantom-Zelda stand on one each simultaneously to open the way. As you push through, a rat emerging from a small hole in the wall will frighten Zelda--push the nearby block so it covers the hole, then kill the rat so Zelda can continue onward.

Direct Zelda past the next set of floor spikes and then past the Phantom ahead (he thinks you're on his side, so don't sweat it) to a switch. Hit it to lower the floor spikes, allowing Link to pass by. Now reposition Zelda so she's speaking to the guard from either side, allowing Link to sneak by behind him into the Safe Zone. Now call Zelda over and climb the stairs together to the third floor.

Floor 3

Grab the Forest Rail Map from the pedestal ahead, which will restore some of the Spirit Tracks to the land. Now step into the blue light on the left to instantly return to Anjean at the tower's entrance. Speak with her to gain access to the Spirit Train, of which you can use to journey the land.

Hyrule Field

Take the train to the area marked "???" in the center of the map, by drawing a route along the tracks to that location. Use the train's whistle to keep the monsters at bay along the way. Now remember, the train won't stop by itself at its destination, so make sure you keep tabs on your map so you know when to slow down and come to a stop.


Speaking with the citizens of Whittleton yields some useful information about the Lost Woods. Once you've caught up with anyone, re-board the train and set out for the Lost Woods, to the west.

Hyrule Field

Draw a path into the heart of the Lost Woods, to the west!

Lost Woods

As you venture through the lost woods, you'll come across several switch-tracks, and taking the wrong route at any of them will send you back to the start! Luckily, the naked trees point you in the right direction--look for which direction the tallest branch is pointing and take the path in the same direction. HOWEVER, the fourth and final tree is a liar--head in the direction opposite of the way it's point to successfully exit the Lost Woods.

Forest Sanctuary

Climb the stairs in the northeast corner and follow the ride down to find a pair of bombs, just before a switch that extends a retractable bridge. Now just across that bridge are some road-blocking bricks that need to be destroyed with a bomb, but the bridge doesn't stay extended long enough to cross it conventionally. To solve this puzzle, grab one of the bombs and quickly toss it next to the switch (be careful it doesn't hit the switch directly, otherwise it'll explode instantly). Now hurry up and grab the second bomb and head for the bridge which should just now be extending (thanks to the first bomb having detonated) and toss it at the blockade, clearing them out of the way.

Note: Before leaving the area, you may want to use a bomb to clear the blocks from a path to the north as well--there's no puzzle here, just gotta move fast!

After clearing the blockade, continue into the next area where you'll find a group of statue heads forming a circle, two of which are looking right at one another. Interact with the tablet in the center and draw a line connect the two statues facing one another. Oh? You want to know which two, do you? The top-most one on the left (at 11 o'clock) and the right-most one on the bottom (at 4 o'clock). Doing so will open a door, granting access to the cave beyond.

Inside, you'll meet with Gage, who'll teach how to use your Spirit Flute to play the Lokomo Song. It's easy! Whenever it's your tune to play, blow into the microphone and play the same colored notes as displayed on the top-screen. There's no need to stop blowing between notes--just movie smoothly from one to the next after a second or so each. If you did it right, the tracks to the Forest Temple will appear! Now head back to the train and make haste for the Forest Temple.

Song of Awakening …wait! As you head back for the train, a strange statue will catch your attention that's emanating some odd sounds and colored-bubbles. Those bubbles correspond to notes on your flute! After interacting with the statue, whip out your flute and play those two notes: First the blue one, then the orange one. Doing so will cause the statue to yield an important tip--in this case, he'll teach you the Song of Awakening, which can be used to wake sleeping creatures. There's no use for it now, but surely it'll come in handy later. Now back to the train and set course for the Forest Temple!

Forest Temple (Part 1)

After disembarking from the train, head through the door to the north.

Song of Healing Hey, look! It's another one of those statues, there on the left! Interact with it and whip out your flute to play those the notes of the same color as his bubbles. That is, green, white, then green. Doing so will earn you the Song of Healing. This song allows you to summon a fairy to restore your health, but beware that this only works when inside a temple.

Floor 1

Follow the corridor up to a small gap on the right, just across from two bell-plants. A switch on the other side will create a bridge, allowing you to cross. To hit that switch, toss one of the bell-plants at it from the ledge directly across from it.

After crossing the span, head down to find yourself trapped within a small enclosure. Defeat the enemies there (spin attacks work wonders) to reopen the paths and cause a chest containing 100 Rupees to appear. Now head up the stairs on the right to the second floor.

Floor 2

Step around the purple fog to the northern half of the floor. You'll soon find yourself trapped among some more enemies--destroy them, but watch out for the purple fog they leave behind. Once they're all defeated, a treasure chest will appear--open it to gain the Whirlwind. This puppy allows you to send whirlwinds in a straight line from wherever you stand. Try it out on the odd-looking podium thing on the platform by the northern wall to open a door to the left. Continue through to a staircase, which is blocked-off by some purple fog. Yeah, you can probably guess what to do: use the whirlwind to blow it out of the way! Now follow the stairs back down to floor 1.

Floor 1 (revisited)

See the key standing on a lone platform in the pit? Stand either above or below it and use the whirlwind to blow it across to solid-ground, allowing you to collect it. Now step on a switch to the right, lowering a gate so you can continue onward.

With the gate lowered, head down, then left to the locked door you passed by earlier. Unlock it with the key and follow the corridor to another room that you'll be sealed within until you take down the flying skulls. To kill the skulls, use the whirlwind on them first to dissipate the fog surrounding them, then attack while they're stunned! Now headup the stairs on the left, back to Floor 2.

Floor 2 (revisited)

Follow the path to another staircase heading to the third floor.

Floor 3

Head left from the stairs to find a bell-plant just across from a switch with a gap in between. To trigger the switch, stand directly behind the bell-plant and use the whirlwind to whisk it across the gap, into the switch. This will cause a treasure chest to appear on the right--open it for a Small Key. Now head back down to the second floor.

Floor 2 (revisited x2)

With the small key in tow, head down and open the door on the right, where you'll battle the mini-boss!


As you probably have guessed, the Whirlwind is key in tackling the mini-boss. For this battle, simple stand in the center of the arena with it equipped and wait for him to spawn a flying skull. As soon as he does, use the whirlwind to shove the skull back into the mini-boss, stunning him. Now run up and slash him with all you've got! Do this a few more times and he'll go down for the count. Just keep in mind that you should avoid using the whirlwind at any other time, as the boss will reflect it back at you, which will stun you if it connects. Oh, and if you need any additional health, try chopping the grass growing along the perimeter.

With the boss defeated, climb the stairs to the north back up to Floor 3.

Forest Temple (Part 2)

Floor 3 (revisited)

On this floor you'll find a big lock that requiresa Big Key--we'll be back with that shortly. Continue down into a small corridor which is blocked by some bricks. Luckily, the strange Caterpillar creature can help get you through! Strike it once with your sword to cause it to curl up into a ball, then use the whirlwind to blow it right up against the blockade. Now smack it with your sword once more to cause it to explode, clearing a path!

With the path cleared, head right and use the whirlwind to blow away the purple fog, revealing a path to a switch. Hit it to open a door to the west. Once through, you'll find two more caterpillars and a switch across a gap, except this time, the switch it blocked by some bricks. Unfortunately, if you try whirl-winding a caterpillar into it like before, it'll simply fall into the pit before it can explode. Instead, you'll want to smack a caterpillar to force it into a ball (you may want to smack the other one too, just to keep it out of your way), then wait for it to start blinking red, indicating it's about to explode. As soon as it does, whirl-wind it into the bricks--if you timed it right, it will explode before it drops into the pit, exposing the switch. Now simply blow a second caterpillar into the switch, causing a gate to open in the northeast corner. Head on through to find the Big Key.

Before grabbing the Big Key, check out the map on the wall just behind. See the line? That's the path you'll have to take while carrying the key. Why? Well, do you see those pair of skulls marked on the map? Those denote the locations of a pair of enemies that'll come for you if you stray from the path--if they catch up, they'll reclaim the key! As such, it's in your best interest to draw that same route on your map, so that you can consult it while walking to the locked gate. As long as you follow it around the pillars as shown, you'll be fine. With the gate unlocked, climb the stairs beyond to the fourth floor.

Floor 4

Stock up on hearts via the pots on either side, and skip past the blue portal to the stairs beyond, leading to the temple's boss.

Mini-Boss: Stagnox

There are two portions to the Stagnox battle--in either case, the weak spot is his backend, but the tactics in which it'll become vulnerable are slightly different.

For the first portion, simply wait in front of Stagnox until he begins to charge--as soon as he does, quickly run behind him and use the whirlwind to clear the purple fog from his rump. Now slash it quickly to inflict as much damage as you can! Repeat a few more times to reach the second portion.

During the second half of the battle, Stagnox will take to the air and drop three caterpillar-bombs. Quickly slash all three so they're in ball form, then stand behind one and equip the Whirlwind. Stagnox should now make a dive-bomb for you! Wait for him to swoop in, then immediately whirlwind one of the rolled-up caterpillars into his face! BOOM! He'll land on his back with his backside exposed--slash it quickly! Now rinse and repeat until he does down for good.

Tower of Spirits

With the Forest Temple behind you, set course for the Tower of Spirits to inform Anjean of your success. Upon meeting with her, she'll tell you that the second level of the Tower of Spirits is now accessible, which is where you'll find the next Rail Map. Climb the spiraling staircase up past the first floor to the second floor door.

Floor 4

Your first order of business is to collect the three Tears of Light. The first one is located on a small platform surrounded by lava. Wait for the patrolling Phantom to pass by, then approach the platform from the south so you're directly below it. When in position, use your Whirlwind item to blow it over to the northern side, where you can collect it. Now dart to the upper-right corner to find the 2nd in a Safe Zone--just watch out for the occasional jet of fire. The 3rd tear is located at the end of a corridor on the left half of the map. There are two halls leading there--take the lower of the two, up to the jet of fire. Wait here until a Phantom passes through it via the upper path, blocking the fire just long enough for you to dart through and grab the final Tear below.

With all three tears collected, sneak up behind the Phantom above and slash him behind so Zelda can possess him. Now head for the lava pool in the bottom-right corner. When there, direct Zelda down the stairs and into the lava. Whenever she's on a lower level like this, you can jump onto her back and catch a ride as she carries you through dangerous areas. In this case, ride her across the lava to a door on the staircase on the other side, leading to Floor 5.

Floor 5

Follow the corridor down to another lava pool. Catch a ride on Zelda again and use her to access the two spinners--one in a protrusion above, and another on the left. Use the whirlwind item on both of them, which opens a on the nearby platform--head on through.

100 Rupees In the lava-filled area with the two wind-spinners, ride Zelda to a chest in the bottom-left corner for 100 rupees.

Back on land, follow the corridor left, down into the area with marked with a skull on your map. There you'll find a small rodent who is easily scared and will run when he sees either you or Zelda. To defeat him, you'll have to trap him by having Zelda approach him from one direction, while Link runs up the other. Just keep an eye for the rodent on your map (marked by the skull) and trace a path for Zelda so it intercepts his path--since the rat will then pull a 180, simply have Link approach from the opposite direction to trap him, allowing you to go in for the kill. After grabbing the Small Key he leaves behind, use it to unlock the door just north of this area.

After unlocking the door, cross the small lava-pit from atop Zelda and proceed up the stairs case to the sixth floor.

Floor 6

As soon as you step foot onto the sixth floor, you'll have to take on a well-equipped enemy. He's only vulnerable from the rear, so you'll have to use Zelda to distract him, giving Link a chance to attack. To distract him, simply draw a path from Zelda to him--Zelda will attack continually until she takes a hit, at which point you'll have to redo the process. While the enemy's distracted, run behind him as Link and use spin-attacks to inflict heavy damage--you should be able to get in three or so. Repeat the entire process until he goes down for good.

With the first enemy defeated, follow the corridor to the south-western part of the floor where you'll find an enemy bouncing around on a statue-type object. Both you and Zelda are too short to reach him by yourselves, so ignore him and instead run through the flames in the bottom-right (have Zelda block them so Link can pass through), then head up to find a raised platform. Leap onto Zelda from the raised platform, then follow the corridor to the right, toward a Small Key. You'll pass by three fire-jets--just make sure to stop and wait for the one in the middle, as its raised position threatens Link even when riding atop Zelda. When you reach the Small Key on the platform at the end, use the whirlwind from atop Zelda to blow it off its perch, allowing you to collect it.

After collecting the Small Key, ride Zelda back through the fire corridor and then up toward a locked door in the center of the room. You'll encounter another one of statue-riding enemies, but this time Link's high enough up while riding Zelda to take him on. At any rate, unlock the door ahead with the small key and continue up the staircase to Floor 7.

Floor 7

Grab the Snow Rail Map from the podium ahead then get the heck out of here via the blue teleporter. Once back at the base of the Spirit Tower, hop aboard the train and set course for Hyrule Castle.

Forest Realm

As you set out for Hyrule Castle, you'll encounter a couple of wild boards along the way that threaten your ride. Thankfully, Alfonzo, who's still at the castle, can help you out. After arriving at Hyrule Castle, enter the castle proper and enter the left room on the first floor to find Alfonzo. He'll tell you he needs to head home first before he can help you out--head back to the train and ride it to Aboda Village, at the southern end of the map.

Aboda Village

Upon arriving in Aboda village, Alfonzo's gonna need sometime to upgrade your train. Take a moment to visit with your roommate, Niko, in your house to the southwest. There he'll give you a Stamp Book and request that you collect stamps from the various locations you visit in your travels. It's a small request, but an optional one. At any rate, Alfonzo should be just about done by now, so head back to the train platform to check out your train's new addition: a cannon. You can use this puppy to blow up enemies or objects that get in the train's way. At any rate, climb aboard and set course for the snow realm, to the northwest.

First Stamp While en route toward the Snow Realm, consider making a pit stop at stop at the Forest Sanctuary to find the first stamp podium for the Stamp Book--look for it in the middle of the area, along the northern wall.

Forest Realm

While en route to the Snow Realm, you'll past through a couple of forest sections. Just after the second, you'll find a rock blocking the path. Use your new found cannon to blow it up before you collide with it!

Rabbitland Rescue Shortly after blowing up the rock, you'll come up on Rabbitland Rescue. Make a pit stop here and speak with the bunny-outfit clad worker to obtain a net, allowing you to capture any stray bunnies you may encounter out in the wild.

Snow Realm

Upon entering the Snow Realm, plot course for lone town.

Anouki Village

Song of Discovery & Red Potion Interact with the statue just below the mayor's hut (the top center one) whip out your flute to play those the notes of the same color as his bubbles. That is, Orange, yellow, orange, and blue. Doing so will earn you the Song of Discovery. As an example of its workings, the statue will leave behind a chest that can be opened for a Red Potion.

Speak with the mayor of Anouki Village in the top-center cabin to earn of your first task: separating the villagers into pairs. The tricky bit is that not all the villagers like each other, so you'll have to use clues provided by each one to discern who should be paired together. After talking to each one, return to the mayor, who'll present you with a picture of the six villagers--you'll have to draw lines between them to pair them up. Here's the proper order:

Connect Top-Left to Bottom-Right
Connect Top-Center to Bottom-Left
Connect Top-Right to Bottom-Center

Successfully pairing off the villagers will see the chief granting you access to the tracks leading to the Snow Temple--hooray! Hop aboard the train and set course along the western tracks through for the temple!

Snow Region

Now that the mayor of Anouki Village has granted you access to the tracks, plot a course along the western track. Before long, the train will venture through an ice cave, where a giant spider lurks. It will chase you from behind--fire cannonballs into its eye to keep it at bay. Its eye is a large and easy target--just tap directly on it to launch cannonballs its way. After a few rounds of this, you'll defeat the spider and safely exit the cavern.

Snow Sanctuary

Upon exiting the ice cavern, you'll arrive at the Snow Sanctuary. Work your way up the snowy ledges and along the thin catwalks to a cave in the upper-left corner. You'll encounter a few enemies along that way that'll freeze you if touched--whirlwind them first to make them vulnerable, then go in for the kill.

Heart Container The small shop on the right has a Heart Container on sale for 2,000 rupees. You probably can't afford it yet, but keep it in mind for later.

Stamp Spot! Look for the second stamp podium on a raised portion just after climbing the first staircase in the left side.

Upon entering the cave, you'll discover a floor switch that opens a door ahead. Unfortunately, you have to work your way quickly to the door without crossing the gaze of the statues scattered about the room. To avoid being seen by the statues, you'll first want to go around the room to each statue then draw a line on your map extending from the direction the statue is looking to the far wall. Do this for all nine in the room to reveal a path on your map that you can take without being seen! With the path revealed, trigger the floor switch and follow it quickly to escape the room before it closes!

If you're having trouble, here's how to do it. First, let's pretend the statues are divided into two columns: left and the right. Begin by running up the left column, just past the central statue. Curve around that same center one and run diagonally down and to the right, just beneath the statue to the right. Once past, make a diagonal bee-line for the exit!

You'll meet up with Steem, the Snow Realm's guardian, in the next room. There you'll have to play a song with him on your flute, like with Anjean before. When it's your turn, simply play these notes in order: blue, gray, blue, orange. Repeat each time your turn comes up to restore the spirit tracks to the Snow Realm. With the tracks resorted, head back to train and set out to the east!

Snow Realm

So here's the deal: if you try to head for the Snow Temple first, you'll run face first into a large blizzard. And unfortunately, there's no way through without getting turned around at this point--even if you know the correct path (you cheater…). If you do try going through, Zelda will suggest you first head back to Anouki Village, where you'll learn of a photographer to the easy who can help you out. Luckily, since we just told you what to do, you can skip Anouki Village and instead head for a small track section to the east.

As you head east, you'll encounter the Wellspring Station just before the looping track section. You may want to stop there briefly.

Wellspring Station

You'll find a small house at the Wellspring Station--no one seems to be home at the moment, so why not snoop around a little? Check out the map on the table to find a note left by the owner, who has apparently taken off to photograph the trains to the east. The map he left behind marks three locations he may be found at, and all three are located by the looping tracks to the east. Mark all three on your map, though in our experience, he can always be found at the lowest one. As such, hop back onto the train and head east, toward the dot you marked at the bottom of the looping section ahead!

Stamp Spot! A note on the back wall of the house tells you about warp points disguised as archways along the train tracks. If you find one with a diamond embedded at the top, fire a cannonball at it to activate it, linking it to its twin somewhere else in the world, allowing you to use it as a warp point.

Snow Realm

After departing from Wellspring Station, you should be headed east, toward the looping tracks. The photographer can be found at one of the three spots you marked on your map, though in our experience, he was always at the lowest one, so we recommend heading there! You'll hear the clicks of his camera as you approach--keep an eye out for him on the left side of the track and park next to him. He'll be happy to share his knowledge of how to get to the Snow Temple--turns out there's a specific set of tracks that you can take to get through the blizzard without becoming lost. Draw this route on your map so you can use it for reference.

Now that you know the path to the temple, set course along that exact path to make it through the Blizzard and reach the Snow Temple.

Snow Temple

Upon arrival at the Snow Temple, climb the stairs and head through the door to Floor 1.

Floor 1

On the first floor, proceed through the door ahead to find a bell resting atop a block. Just behind it is a sign that displays two notes--the same two notes you'll have to play on that bell. Unfortunately, it's too high up to reach now, but that can be easily rectified by pushing it upward into a slot on the ground, dropping it to your level. Now hit it twice with your sword to sound the two notes, causing a door to open on the right--head on through.

After passing through the newly-opened door, you'll find a staircase that leads to a gap too long to cross. Luckily, the box in the center of the room can be used as platform, but only after it's been set in the proper position. Start off by pushing the block down, to the southern wall. Now shove it left, toward the wall. Then up, then right back to the center of the room. Finally, shove it up, to the northern wall where you can now leap to it from the staircase, then to the walkway. Follow the walkway into another room to the south.

Follow the water's edge to the south end to discover a switch on the other side. To hit it, use the whirlwind to push the projectile spat from the nearby water-enemy into it, causing a bridge to extend so you can cross over to a stairwell leading down to the basement.

Basement 1

Great, more water, Well, go ahead and push the nearby box into the steam, creating a make-shift raft you can jump to. Once aboard, you can use the Whirlwind to boat around, by blowing air in the opposite direction of where you want to go. But before you move anywhere, use the whirlwind to start up the spinner on the right, opening a door above. Now push yourself up to it using the whirlwind, then leap off the box and head through the door.

After passing through the door, you'll spot a second box--push it into the water too and hop aboard. Now use the whirlwind again to push yourself through the water and around the corner to a walkway above.

20 Rupees! After hopping onto the second box-boat, follow the water south down a short corridor to find a treasure chest on the right containing a red rupee.

Follow the walkway up and left into a room where several ice bats will appear. Use the whirlwind to whisk away their icy shield then go in for the kill. With the room cleared, a chest will appear that contains the Boomerang .

Now that you have the boomerang, head right to find two switches across a short gap. Use the boomerang to trigger both, one right after another (by drawing a line that extends through each) causing a bridge to extend. Cross it to the stairwell heading upstairs

Floor 1 (revisited)

Look, another bell, as well as another note chart on the wall! You're gonna have to push the bell into the main area on the left, but a door's blocking the way. So head down to a ledge on the right and use the boomerang to trigger a switch just above, opening the door. Push the bell through it by shoving it down first, then left. From there, push it in this order to set it in the slot in the ground: up, left, down, right, down, left, down. If you mess up at any point, the trick is to get the bell resting on the right-side of the far-left block, thereby allowing you to push it straight down into the slot.

With the second bell in place, you can now use both to play the notes displayed on the sign you passed just a few moments ago (you can make note of them on your map). Except this time, you're going to have to use your boomerang to hit them in the proper sequence, as the sword is to slow. Specifically, draw a path so that the boomerang hits the bell on the left first, then the one on the right twice, before returning back to the left bell for one more hit. Do it right and a door will open in the bottom-left--head on through.

Here you'll find one lonely lit torch surrounded by four other unlit ones. Try tossing a boomerang through the fire then have it cross through over the snow to melt it away, revealing four tiles on the ground. These tiles display in which order to light the four torches, by throwing the boomerang through the fire first, before sailing over each torch in order. Here's the proper order in which to light the torches: top-right, bottom-right, top-left, bottom-left. With the torches lit in the proper sequence, a gate will lower revealing a staircase on the left leading back down to the basement.

Basement 1 (revisited)

Ignore the locked door for now and step up to the water's edge. The small key you need is in a chest just across from you, but to reach it, you'll have to use nearby ice-flame to freeze the water, creating a path across. To do so, simply fling the boomerang through the ice-flame, then across the water (ideally in a straight line) to create a temporary path you can use to reach the chest, gaining a Small key. Now cross back over and use it on the locked door to head inside.

After passing through the locked door, you'll find yourself trapped in a small room with four ice enemies. To defeat them, you'll have to melt their frozen-shells first, before hacking them to death. As such, toss the boomerang through the fire, then into the enemies to make them vulnerable. Try to avoid slashing the enemies before you've melted their ice-shell, otherwise they'll bounce around the room like a pinball and become a pretty annoying hazard.

With the room cleared, step up to the water's edge on the right where you'll find a frozen spinner just above. To thaw it, toss a boomerang into the fire of the room just behind you, then into the frozen spinner. Now that it's dethawed, use the whirlwind to get it spinning--you can do so either by standing on the bottom-most portion of the ledge, or from an ice-path you can create with the nearby ice-flame below. Either way, this will cause a gate to lower just across the water--use the ice-flame to create a path across and head through.

In order to cross this water-filled room, you'll have to use your boomerang in conjunction with the ice-flame to create a path to the staircase in the upper-left corner. However, because the room is so large, you'll also have to ignite the unlit torches along the way to ensure that an ice-flame is always within reach. Oh, and there are several enemies too--we recommend stunning them with a boomerang, then taking them out with a spin-attack.

Stamp Station Create an ice-path to the upper-right corner of the large, water-filled room to find a stamp station.

Floor 1 (revisited x2)

Look, another bell…a big one too! But ignore it for now and head south into the room below. There you'll find a snow-covered floor and some ice-bats. Clear the bats out with a flaming boomerang, then use it to melt the snow on the floor, revealing a note chart! You may want to draw it on your map for reference, though we'll remind you of it too. Once done, head back into the previous room, back to the big bell.

Like with the bells before, you'll have to push it around the room until it reaches its slot. Start off by pushing it up, then to the right, then down, which should position it along the south wall. Now push it left, then up to wedge it into a corner. Now you'll want to push it right, across the water, but only after you've frozen created an ice-path for it to cross using the boomerang and one of the nearby ice-torches! After pushing the bell across the water, it'll be stopped by a gate (if you haven't already lowered it). To lower it, simply head down to spot a switch which you can reach with another ice-path. Once lowered, push the bell through!

20 Rupees Look for a chest in the top-right corner of the area where you found the third and final bell (the top-left room of Floor 1). To reach it from the west, simply create an ice-path over to it.

After pushing the bell into the next room, use the boomerang to light one of the torches by the bell using an ice-flame from the previous room. Now with the torch lit, freeze a path along the pool below, enabling you to push the bell along it in this order: down, left, down. Once the bell's back on solid ground, up, left, then right to fit it into its slot.

Now that all three bells are in their respective slots, it's time to play the final tune on them (the same one you saw on the floor to the west). Use the boomerang to trigger the bells in this order: Left one, center, center, right, center. Do it properly and a door above will open, allowing you access to the staircase beyond leading to Floor 2.

20 Rupees If you haven't already, ignite both ice-torches at the top of this room (just below the door that the bells open) to cause a chest to appear in the hall just beyond the door.

Floor 2

Follow the corridor down (past the room on the left for now) to find a sign at the end that displays six fire icons: 3 red, 3 blue. You may want to mark these on your map--or don't, since you're reading our guide. Now head back to the room you just passed, on the left, to find six unlit torches. You'll have to use your boomerang to light them in the same manner as the picture; however, you have to figure out a way to light them all fast enough, otherwise some of the torches will fizzle out before you can light them all. Here's our method: Stand in the center of the torches, then draw the route through the fire torch first, then the one just above it, to the left. Then down, then across to the one on the opposite side. Now veer into the ice-flame, then to the torch just above and to the right, then the one on the left, then to the one at the very bottom. If you did it right, a gate lowers just across the hall, allowing access to another room--go there now.

After entering the eastern room, the doors will close trapping you within with four wolves. Try stunning them with the boomerang then using spin attacks to take them down. With the room cleared, exit through the now-open eastern door. Follow the path down to a floor-switch, which extends a bridge below. Before crossing it, use the whirlwind to blow the Big Key, just below, over to the bridge. Now pick it up and use it to unlock the Boss Door to the left, enabling you to climb the staircase it concealed up to the 3rd Floor.

Floor 3

Stock up on hearts by busting opening the pots and collecting their goods with the boomerang, then interact with the slate on the left to reveal a warp point back to the temple's entrance. If you're ready to tackle the boss, climb the stairs ahead!

Boss: Fraaz

Fraaz will draw upon the powers of both fire and ice in order to stomp you. Luckily, whenever he assumes one form, he's weak to the other--that is, fire beats ice and visa-versa. And it just so happens that two torches in the center of the room provide quick access to both, making the boomerang essential for this battle. There are several portions to this battle, so let's get started,

The battle begins with Fraaz growing in size, then assuming one of two powers: fire (red) or ice (blue). The trick is ignite the boomerang with the power opposite of his, then veer it into the boss itself. Depending on how much the boss has grown, this will either shrink him or stun him. If he merely shrinks, repeat the process until he becomes stunned. As soon as he's stunned, run up and attack him repeatedly--we found spin attacks to be effective.

After inflicting enough damage to Fraaz's primary form, he'll split into two, with each half assuming the power of either fire or ice. Check the map on the top screen to see who has which power, then toss a boomerang into one of the flames, then into the mini-Fraaz of the opposite power. It will cause him to start melting/burning away--now quickly toss another boomerang through the injured one's body (to give that elemental power to the boomerang) then veer it into the other remaining mini-Fraaz to damage him too, before the first one recovers.

After dealing with the mini-Fraazes, he'll reunite into one, becoming much larger in size. Even worse, he'll destroy the two torches you used to damage him before! The basic plan of attack is the same as before, except now you'll have to avoid his fire/ice attacks, then use their smoldering remnants to ignite the boomerang before launching it into Fraaze himself. Now avoiding his fire/ice attacks can be tricky--it's best to keep your distance to prevent Fraaze from getting too close, then when he launches either attack, look for where they're heading then step aside to avoid it. Try to avoid running around the room in circles, as that just makes you more vulnerable. After avoiding an attack, the ground will burn where it landed--assuming it's the power opposite of the one Fraaze is currently using, use the boomerang to launch it into him! If, however, it's the same elemental power, wait for him to attack again, or to change forms. Oh, and since he constantly grows in size, try and attack multiple times with the boomerang before he can counter-attack. He'll become stunned after a few attacks, at which point you should wind up the ol' spin attack again.

Before long, he'll split into two again. This time, wait for them to attack, then use their burning remnants to target the one of the opposite elemental power. Like before, quickly target the injured one with the boomerang, then veer it into the other to deal damage.

Repeat these steps as necessary until Fraaze melts or burns away for good!

Snow Realm

With the Snow Temple behind you, make haste for the Tower of Spirits in the southeast corner.

Beedle's Air Shop // Bomb Bag At this point in the game, a salesman who travels by balloon will now make his way around Hyrule--his position is marked on your map, but be aware that he's constantly moving around. If you spot him during your train travels, toot your horn to have him land, allowing you to stop by and see his goods. Perhaps most importantly, he has a Bomb Bag in stock for 500 rupees that'll allow you carry bombs with you wherever you go!

Tower of Spirits

Back in the Temple of Spirits, speak with Anjean, then climb the spiraling staircase to the third door, at the top, to begin your search for the next rail map.

Floor 8

Hopefully you're not afraid of the dark, as light's hard to come by for the next few floors. Thankfully, you'll come across several torches as you explore, some lit, others not. You'll have to use the boomerang frequently in order to use the lit torches to light the others. Unfortunately, walls concealed by the darkness might make interfere with the boomerang's path, so you may want to walk it first to make sure it's clear of obstruction before using the boomerang to light the way. Oh, and there's ghosts too--luckily they're confined to the dark, and if you manage to cast some light their way, they'll shrivel up into vulnerable form.

Your first goal is to make it to a staircase in the bottom-right corner. To do so, head right until you reach a passage heading down, then head right at the base to the staircase. Make sure to ignite the torches along the way to keep the ghosts at bay. Oh, and don't worry about the tablet you pass--it's too dark to read now, but you'll be back for it later.

Floor 9

On the 9th floor, your goal is to head for the top-right corner, but the path isn't quite that simple. Start off by, heading left through the darkness and light the first torch. Now there's another torch a short ways ahead (just past a slate), but it's almost too far to reach. You can ignite it either by standing on the left-most portion of the lit area, then throwing the lit boomerang going as far left as you can, then up into the torch (to avoid hitting the corner of the wall). Barring that, you can also simply run through the darkness for the safe zone just beyond and light it from there. Having lit the torch, its light enables you to read the nearby slate which provides a hint--now head up into the safe zone.

In the safe zone? Good. Now you'll want to collect the two Tears of Light marked on your map, but you'll have to watch out for a pair of patrolling Phantoms too. Although you can grab them in any order you wish, we suggest heading up first, to another Safe Zone on the left. Continue out the left side to the first torch--after lighting it, you'll have to step a few feet into the darkness in order to light another below. Once you have, head down there, then directly left to find your first Tear of Light in another Safe Zone, then backtrack to the one you just came from.

Back at the previous Safe Zone? Head down the hall and the right and hug the right wall to find a concealed path that leads right to the second Tear of Light in another Safe Zone. From there, exit out the right side then head up to the top-right corner, where you'll find a lone torch. Use the whirlwind to blow it out, revealing some light shining through a cracked wall. If you have the bomb bag, simply toss a boss at that spot to reveal a hidden entrance; if not, you can grab one from a plant in the safe zone to the left. Head inside the hole in the wall for the final Tear of Light.

Now that your sword's powered up, sneak behind a Phantom and stab him to have Zelda possess its body. You'll find that the huge sword Zelda now wields can light the way! Now head for the bottom-left corner to find a narrow path hidden in the dark. Use the light of Zelda's sword to navigate the thin path down to a closed gate--have Zelda use her sword to light the torches on either side, causing it to open. Now climb the stairs to the flo

Floor 10

From the stairs, head right to find a switch. Have Link stand on it, then have Zelda hug the wall and continue right to find a second. With both depressed, the door near Link will open. Head up through the door, then right to find some strange tiles on the ground that form a "Z"-like shape. Keep it in mind and head for the Big Key, locked behind a door in the bottom-right corner. When there, interact with the door and draw the same "Z" symbol you saw a moment earlier to open the way. Because the key is electrified, have Zelda pick it up--now three of those hand-enemies will appear and will attempt to reclaim your prize. Have Zelda follow you at a distance while you rush to kill the hands with a couple of sword strikes, allowing her to reach the locked door, at the top of the room. Unlock it with the key, then climb the stairs to the next floor.

Floor 11

You'll have to battle a mini-boss here before continuing. Luckily, he's a piece of case. Simply have Zelda attack him to distract him, then have Link sneak up from the back for the attack (spin attacks work best!). Repeat a few more times until he's destroyed. After the battle, open the chest that appears for a Palace Dish, then climb the stairs ahead to the next level.

Floor 12

Grab the Rail Map from the podium, then warp back to Anjean via the portal. Once back at the base of the Spirit Tower, hop aboard the train and set for the Ocean Realm, to the southeast!

…uh-oh, it looks like the bridge is out! Stop at the Trading Post just before it to find out what's up.

Trading Post

After stopping at the Trading Post, head for the lone building to the south to meet with the pompous Linebeck, who'll inform you of a bridge worker in the Snow Realm who can repair the bridge. The fastest way there is to take the train back to the Tower of Spirits, then depart from there for the Snow Realm. After leaving the Tower of Spirits, you'll find the Bridge Worker's Home a short ways on that first stretch of track.

Bridge Worker's Home

After getting off the train, head for the Bridge Worker's home in the upper-right corner. Speak with him a couple of times until he offers to hitch a ride with you on the train down to the Trading Post, where he can fix the bridge. Before departing with him on-board, you may want to speak with the guy wandering around outside, as he'll provide some helpful tips for the journey.

Basically, any passengers on your train expect you to abide by the rules of the rails. That is, you have to speed up, slow down, or toot your horn whenever you spot a sign indicating what to do. As such, it's important you keep the camera facing forward at almost all times. In addition, you'll should avoid running into enemies, or using the reverse gear to slow the train. Oh, and finally--try and stop exactly at the train platform, so it's best to slow down well in advance of your approach. Conveniently, the smiley-face icon displays how happy your passenger is: If it's green, he's happy. If it's red, that means one more mistake will send him packing!

Got all that? Good! Now head back to the Trading Post, via the Tower of Spirits.

Trading Post

Once at the Trading Post, speak with the Bridge Worker first, who can be found alongside the tracks to the right. There, Linebeck will put the burden of payment on you--the nerve! Go speak with him in his house afterward to give him a piece of your mind…as well as learn of a treasure that you can find, which will cover the entire cost! The letter Linebeck gives you tells you all you need to know; now exit the house and enter the cave to the west.

Inside the cave lurks several dangerous creatures know as Like-Likes. What makes them so dangerous? They can suck you in from a distance and eat your shield! Which is why you should first stun them from a distance with your boomerang, before going in for the kill. Oh, and avoid breaking the right-most jar, by the staircase ahead, as it also contains a Like-Like. Now climb the staircase to exit to the other side of the railroad tracks.

Stamp Station: Trading Post Look for a small platform you can leap to, just left of the northern staircase. From there, toss a bomb (assuming you have a bomb bag) next to the brick on the next platform to clear the path, allowing access to the Stamp Station.

After exiting the cave, you'll find yourself on the north side of the railroad tracks. There you'll find another one of those musical-statue things. Interact with it then pull out your flute and play the same some it is. That is, play the purple note first, then work your way down each note until you hit gray. Do it right and you'll learn the Song of Light. The statue will also fly off revealing a beacon! Follow the lit to the water's edge and use the boomerang to target a switch, just off-screen, in the same direction as the light. This will cause a bridge to extend to the east. Before crossing the bridge, grab one of the bombs just to the right, then cross over and toss it at the cracked wall to reveal another cave entrance.

Inside the second cave, ignore the chest at the northern end of the room, as it merely contains another Like Like. Instead, use the Song of Light on the two beacons here to have them shine their light. Now head to where the two light beams intersect (as the letter instructed), then walk four tiles up (to the top row), then left six, to the top-left tile. Once there, play the Song of Discovery (orange, yellow, orange, blue) to make a chest appear, which contains the Regal Ring. Take it back to Linebeck to pay back the Bridge Builder, allowing access to the Ocean Realm! Hop aboard the train and head east for it!

Ocean Realm

After entering the Ocean Realm, skip the first stop for now, and instead continue onto the Ocean Sanctuary ahead.

Ocean Sanctuary

After pulling up to the Ocean Sanctuary, head for the cave in the northwestern corner. Although it's guarded by a crab, you can stun him with a boomerang to the back, allowing you to go in for the kill.

Inside the cave, follow it to a gap where you'll spot a switch trapped within some blocks on the other side. To trigger it, you'll first have to blow up those blocks. To do so, grab one of nearby bombs and toss it by the ledge. Now quickly use the Whirlwind to blow it across so it lands next to the blocks, destroying them when it blows up. Now toss a boomerang into the switch, causing a bridge to extend, allowing you to cross and climb the far staircase, which leads back outside.

After exiting the cave, you'll find a door just ahead that requires the proper symbol be drawn in order to open the way. To discover the symbol, follow your map to each of the statue heads and draw a line from them in the direction they're looking to the next statue. The statue head in the middle to the east is a bit tricky to reach--grab a Cucco from the northern ridge and use it to glide down the island below, where you'll find the statue, as well as switch that extends a bridge back to the mainland. At any rate, the symbol should resemble two diamonds, side-by-side. The door will open if drawn correctly, allowing access to Carben's room beyond.

Hmm, Carben doesn't seem to be home! In his stead you'll find a sign that states he's currently in Papuchia Village. Return to your train and head for it--the first stop to the west.

Papuchia Village

As you head for the "Wise One's hut (the large one in the center of town), you'll spot Carben gliding around above with the assistance of a circling bird. If you speak with the Wise One and answer her questions, she'll tell you to play the Song of Discovery by the lone tree, just south of her house (The song of Discovery is orange, yellow, orange, blue). After doing so, a Sound Stone will appear. Whip out your flute and play the same song it is (purple, yellow, purple) to both awaken Carben from his state of meditation as well as learn the Song of Birds. Now head back to the Train and set course for Ocean Realm, to return Carben to his home.

Ocean Realm

While en route to the Ocean Sanctuary with Carben in tow, you'll be ambushed by pirates! You'll have to keep them at bay to prevent them from capturing Carben! Although the top-screen map displays the enemies locations as they storm the ship, it's easiest to stand near Carben and use spin attacks as the enemies approach. If you spot one lifting a cage above his head, go for them first, as they're about to capture Carben!

With the first wave of pirates defeated, a monstrously-sized one will appear! We suggest tapping on him repeatedly to attack him from the front, backing away only when he pulls back indicating he's about to swing his sword. After the first few swings, he'll eventually follow-up the first swing with a second, so it's best to stay back until he finishes both. If you do get hit, quickly scrub Link with the stylus to recover from being stunned. It takes quite a few hits to do him in, so keep at it! However, you also need to keep a close eye on your map for a few pirates who'll also attempt to kidnap Carben--go for them as soon as you spot their "skull" icon on the map!

After the battle, continue onward to the Ocean Sanctuary!

Ocean Sanctuary

After arriving at the Ocean Sanctuary, Carben will alert you to some tracks that just appeared in the southeastern corner of the Forest Realm. In addition, he'll give you a Force Gem, before departing for his home. Meet up with him there and play the duet with him (blue, orange, purple) to restore the tracks to the Ocean Realm. Now he'll also inform you that the Ocean Temple is actually on the ocean floor…buh? Luckily, he'll also hand you a letter that contains a map that contains the locations of three statues you need to trigger with your horn, and in what order. Mark those numbers on your Ocean Realm map and return to your train, setting course for those three statues in numerical order.

Ocean Realm (to the Ocean Temple!)

The Ocean Temple is under the sea. You're currently above the sea--that's a problem. To gain access to the ocean's underbelly, you'll have to visit the three areas marked on the map Carben gave you, If you haven't already marked them on your Rail Map, you should do so now. That is, write a "1" on the island to the east, where the tracks intersect. A "2" on the top, center island. And finally, a "3" by the path leading to the dead-end, near the middle of the rails. Now draw a route that takes you to all three of these locations in numerical order (1, 2, then 3), and make sure to blow your horn as you pass through each location to trigger a nearby fish-statue (a cutscene at each location confirms that it has been triggered). Upon triggering the third one, the entrance to the under water tracks will appear at the dead end.

Ocean Temple

Check this out, you're underwater! Cool, huh? Alright, set course for the Ocean Temple! As you approach, a strange train will appear--these puppies actively hunt you down, and are even able to turn around on the track! As such, it's important you keep on the move and actively try to avoid these guys. Even worse, a second one will appear as you approach the Temple from the other side! But fortunately, we've prepared a perfect path that'll let you slip by both and make it to the temple unscathed.

First, make sure your train is traveling at top-speed the entire way. Now as soon as the first enemy train appears, here's the path you should take at each switch-track junction: left, straight, straight, right, right, then head right for the temple!

Ocean Temple

Got Shield? We strongly recommend having a shield on-hand for some of this dungeons traps. If you don't already own one, one can be purchased in Papuchia Village.

So you finally made it to the Ocean Temple, huh? Climb the stairs and head through the door to floor 1.

Floor 1

The path splits into two just ahead; the right one is blocked by a series of rolling boulders, so head left instead. There you'll find four concrete slates, with a number written on each one. These numbers correspond to four switches on the floor above, aligned in the exact same way. You may want to document these numbers on your map in the same position as the slates, but we've got your back as well.

Now continue up toward the northern staircase. However, you will cross through a booby-trapped hall lined with arrow launchers--stick to the lower wall and run through it quickly to get through unscathed.

Floor 2

Secret Passage From the entrance of Floor 2 (coming from Floor 1), head left to find a crack in the wall. If you have the bomb bag, toss a bomb there to reveal a secret area.

The long gulf can be cross by stepping onto the floating box, which will then float to the other side. If you have the shield, face upward to deflect the arrows during your journey--if you don't have a shield, you'll have to slash them out of the air with your sword (try using the spin attack), though this can be very difficult to do. After crossing, hop onto a second box below that'll take you across a second gap, but this time you'll notice four switches along the way. These switches correspond to the four numbers slates on the four below--basically, you want to use your boomerang to trigger them in the same order as stated by those slates. In case you didn't mark it down, here's the proper order: Left, Right, Up, Down. Now you'll have to do this while floating across the gap, as some of the switches are otherwise out of reach.

After riding the block to the now-open gate, stay put! From here, draw a path with your boomerang up the corridor to the switch above. Once triggered, this will close an opening in the ground, preventing the balls from dropping to a particular section of the lower floor (now allowing access to that path on Floor 1). The reason you need to use the boomerang is that flipping the switch by hand causes the balls to block your path here. Now with the floor section closed, backtrack to the staircase down to Floor 1.

Floor 1 (revisited)

Back on Floor 1, you can now head up the eastern corridor (since it's no longer blocked by the rolling balls) and climb the stairs beyond, back to Floor 2.

Floor 2 (revisited)

Follow the corridor to a staircase on the right, leading to Floor 3.

Floor 3

On floor 3, step into the large center room, where a mini-boss awaits.


The mini-boss opens the battle by grappling you with his whip. To escape, run away from him to stretch it out, then attack him with your sword when it rebounds you back into him! Once freed, recommend quickly using your boomerang to stun him from behind, then going in for a few quick attacks, repeating until he's dead. As long as you keep your distance when he regains composure, you shouldn't have to worry about his attacks.

With the boss defeated, the four doors surrounding the room will open, and a chest will appear in the center of the room. Open it to obtain the Whip. This handy tool is useful for swinging across gaps, as well as stunning/attacking enemies. Try it out on the wooden beam hanging over the ledge to the left to swing across. Cool, huh? Now climb the stairs to the fourth floor.

Ocean Temple (Part 2)

Floor 4

The nearby slate provides a clue for an upcoming puzzle. After reading it, continue down the corridor to a closed door. To open it, use the whip to pull the tongue of the fish-statue just to the right. Head on through to find three more fish-statues, each at the end of the long corridor. If you read the slate at the entrance to this floor, then you already know to only pull the tongue of the fish on the far right, causing a bridge to appear just below. Cross it to a staircase, leading back down to Floor 3.

Floor 3 (revisited)

Back on the third floor, follow the corridor to a pair of fish-statues on the left, one of which is holding a dagger in his mouth. Use the whip to grapple it from him, then throw it into the mouth of the other fish-statue. This will cause a chest to appear containing a Small Key as well as beam to extend over the nearby gap, allowing you to cross back into the central room.

After swinging back into the central room, swing over the northern gap, then use the key to unlock the door on the left, allowing access to a staircase leading to the fourth floor.

Treasure: Dark Pearl Loop After crossing over the northern gap, swing across the one on the right to a floating brick, allowing access to a chest containing a Dark Pearl Loop.

Floor 4 (revisited)

Back on the fourth floor, use the whip to pull the fish-statue's tongue on the left, opening a door below. You've already been that way, but now it's more accessible for future references. Anyway, venture across the gap on the right by swinging from beam to beam. After landing, head down to find yourself trapped with two enemies. To defeat them, grapple their armor off with your whip, then either throw it right back at them or slash them for the kill. Once both are dead, continue up the now-revealed staircase on the right, to the fifth floor.

Floor 5

See the strange, ivy fence? Use the whip to grapple the two main thorns away, allowing you to read the slate beyond. It provides a clue about three fish-statues on this very same floor. You'll find them near the thin catwalk on the left side of the room. Grapple the daggers from all three of them, as the slate instructed, to cause several beams to appear by the slate, allowing you to cross the northern gap. But before crossing, there's something else you should do first. Continue left to find an odd-looking machine. Grapple it with the whip to cause a flying contraption to emerge! Quickly grapple onto it and hold on (by keeping the stylus on the screen) to ride it to a far platform. Climb the stairs there to the sixth floor.

Floor 6

To defeat the pair of electrified enemies, grapple the dagger from the fish-statue and it at the baddies. Clearing the room will cause a wooden beam to appear on the eastern half of the floor, allowing you to cross a gap later. For now, climb back down to floor 5.

Floor 5 (revisited)

Use the flying contraption by the ledge to return to the main portion of this floor. After doing so, head to the upper-right corner, past the ivy-fence, and cross the gap via the beams (if the beams aren't there, consult our "Floor 5" section just above.) Once across, climb the stairs to Floor 6.

Floor 6 (revisited)

Cross the long span on the right, via the series of poles, then hit the switch at the end to extend another, allowing you to head back, if you wish. Now follow the corridor toward the room's center--you'll spot a slate along the way that offers some advice. Specifically, that you should remember which fish-statues are holding daggers, as you'll have to mimick that pattern on the floor below. At any rate, follow the tin catwalk on the eastern side to a beam you can grapple across, leading to a chest which contains a Small Key. With it in tow, backtrack through the room--across the long span--and return to the fifth floor.

Ruto Crown Follow the thin western catwalk and use the whip to get past the ivy fence, like those before. Use the whip to pull the fish-statue's tongue there, revealing a chest to the right that contains Ruto's Crown.

Floor 5 (revisited x2)

Now that you're back on floor 5, you goal is to rearrange the daggers in the fish-statues' mouths so that they match-up with those on the floor above. The fish-statues can be found in four groups--one for each path branching from the room's center. In the event you weren't paying attention, here's how you should arrange the daggers (remember to use your whip!):

  • Top-Left Corner: From the left, the 3rd and 5th fish-statues should have daggers.
  • Top-Right Corner: From the left, the 3rd and 5th fish-statues should have daggers.
  • Bottom-Left Corner: None of the fish-statues should have daggers (just grab 'em and toss 'em)
  • Bottom-Right Corner: From the left, the 1st and 3rd fish-statues should have daggers.

If you did it right, a door will open in the bottom-right corner, allowing access to a staircase. To get to it, unlock the door on the southern end of the room (using the key you found on the fifth floor) and swing across the gap. Now climb the tall staircase to another one, which leads to the sixth floor.

Floor 6 (revisited x2)

Activate the flying contraption with the whip, then ride it over to a floating box you should drop onto. Now ride that over to the left platform, where you'll find a switch and the Big Key. Activate the switch first to extend a bridge, then grab the key and carry it across. Now as soon as you cross the bridge, three hand enemies will appear. Drop the key and focus on killing them quickly. As soon as you have, regrab the key and carry it to the locked door, just ahead. If any hands reappear, drop it again and take them down again.

With the door unlocked, continue up to Floor 7.

Floor 7

Cross the gap and check in with the slate to make a portal appear, if you wish to return to the temple's entrance. Now grapple the two thorns from the ivy-covered gate, enabling you to climb the stairs ahead, leading to the boss's lair.

Boss's Lair

Before the battle begins proper, you need to climb up to the main platform. It's a pretty simple matter of swinging from beam to beam. However, you'll occasionally find your path blocked by a tentacle. To clear it out of the way, use the whip to pull a thorn from it, then lob it into its eye. Just watch out for the acid that drips on occasion, which is preceded by the boss's battle cry, giving you time to step out of the way.

Boss: Phytops

This boss may actually be the easiest yet. Basically, you simply need to grapple a couple of thorns from either of the boss's tentacles resting on the ground, then lob them at his main body, in the center. After two hits, his eye will be exposed--toss another thorns its way to stun him. While he's stunned, quickly run up to him and stab his eye as much as you can. Afterward, he'll have a hissy-fit and slam his tentacles around in anger--run around to evade them. The only other thing you really need to watch out for is the occasional drip of acid. If you do wind up taking damage, the pots scattered around the arena's perimeter will yield some hearts for ya.

Demon Fossil After the boss battle, it's worth your while to head back to the first floor to access a chest on the eastern side. Since you now have the whip, you can use it to get past the ivy-gate, where you'll rewarded with a Demon Fossil.

Tower of Spirits

Now that the Ocean Temple is done and over it, set course along the freshly laid tracks to the Tower of Spirits! Once there, climb the spiraling staircase to the top door, leading to floor 13.

Floor 13

As always, your first objective is to acquire the Tears of Light, and there just so happens to be two of them on this floor. However, there's a new threat to watch out for: floating sentries.

Sentries You may have also noticed a new threat on your map: floating sentries. These little guys will alert the guards to your presence if you get too close (who will then warp instantly to its location), and even worse, they'll latch onto you and stop you in your tracks until you can scrub them off! Either avoid them entirely or use the boomerang to stun them from afar (such as from around a corner) then go in for the kill--just beware that they'll respawn shortly.

The first Tear of Light can be found in an alcove in the area to the right. To obtain it, simply avoid the Phantom, then stun the sentry guarding it by tossing a boomerang at it from around the corner before going in for the kill. With the first tear collected, head down to find two torches: one lit, the other not. Stand between the two and use the boomerang to ignite the unlit torch by tossing the boomerang through the lit one first. This will cause a chest to appear in the area just above--watch out for the sentry and open the chest for a Small Key.

With the first Small Key in pocket, let's grab a second, shall we? Climb onto the structure just right of the chest you just opened (in the northeastern part of the floor) and head up to the northern ledge to spot three fish statues. The center one has a dagger in its mouth--grapple it away with the whip and toss it into the fish statue's mouth on the right to cause a chest to appear on a platform in the southwestern corner of the room (resist the urge to toss the dagger into the fish-statue on the left, as that will cause a Phantom to spawn in the same area). Now before you can open said chest, you'll have to extend a bridge from its neighboring platform. Thankfully, there's a switch right by you that will do just that--simply hop down and follow the platform around to the right to find it in an alcove. With the bridge extended, climb the left-most platform in the southwestern corner and cross the bridge to the chest for the second Small Key.

Now that you have both Small Keys, let's head for the second Tear of Light, in the northwestern area. To get there, climb onto the platform in the northeastern part of the map then use the whip to swing around along the wall, all the way down to the second Tear of Light--just watch out for a pair of sentries--the first roaming one can detect you even from your elevated position, whereas the second stationary one should be taken out before you swing across to grab the Tear of Light.

With both Small Key and two Tears of Light in hand, unlock the door in the upper-right corner to climb the stairs beyond to the 14th floor.

Floor 14

Follow the corridor up to a Phantom defending the final Tear of Light in the top-right corner. You'll have to pull him away from guard detail by catching his attention in some way. We suggest tossing a boomerang into a wall from the hallway leading up to the Tear, then run past him while he investigates to collect the final Tear of Light. Now wait here until the guard comes back, so that you can slash him in the back enabling Zelda to possess him. You will now learn of Zelda's ability to warp to the location of any of the sentries. To do so, simply draw a line (even through walls!) from her to one of them; she'll warp there instantly! This is very important for the next few puzzles.

Palace Dish Now that Zelda has the power to warp to any of the sentries, try it out on the one in a small room, in the bottom-right corner. After warping there, have Zelda stand on the nearby switch which opens the door, allowing Link to head inside to grab the treasure from the chest.

With all three Tears of Light in your possession, head back down to the 13th floor, via the same staircase you came up.

Floor 13 (revisited)

Back on the 13th floor, have Zelda warp to the the corridor on the far west side by drawing a line connecting to the sentry located there. Now position her next to the switch, near the closed door below. With her in position, have Link unlock the door in the southwestern corner to find a second a switch. Now you need to have both Zelda and Link hit their respective switches at the same time. To do so, draw a line connecting Zelda to the switch, then quickly switch to Link and hit his switch at the same time that Zelda triggers hers. If done successfully, the door separating you do will open, allowing you to climb the staircase ahead, back to the 14th floor.

Floor 14 (revisited)

Follow the corridor down to a floor-switch, just before a sandpit. Because Zelda's too heavy to cross these, have her stand on the switch, while Link runs across and steps on another. This will create a bridge that Zelda can use to cross the pit--just make sure to draw a path for her, as she's not smart enough to use it herself if you "call" her over.

After the sandpit, you'll find some spikes blocking a path. Since Link can't cross over them, have Zelda to it, then direct her onto the purple tile in the top-right corner. Now have Link follow the corridor to another purple tile, causing the two of them to swap positions! With Link now on the inside, you'll find two fish-statues on the left. Use the whip to grab the dagger from the left one and then plop it into the right one's mouth, lowering a gate, allowing you to access the stairs beyond. Have Zelda rejoin you (by crossing the spikes) then head upstairs to the 15th floor.

Floor 15

There's a lot to do on this floor, so let's get started. Have Zelda cross over the spikes on the right side, then follow the corridor down to a yellow wrap panel on the ground. Now have Link step onto that panel's twin on the other side of the wall to swap places. After doing so, have Link follow the corridor past the sandpit. Just beyond is a shielded enemy--grapple his shield away with your whip, so you can then slash him to death.

With the shielded enemy defeated, push the block in the hall just above to the left, then up and onto one of the two switches. With the block in place, ignore the second switch for now and instead have Link swap places with Zelda via the blue warp-panel in the bottom-left corner of the room (Zelda's is located just on the other side of the wall, as usual). After swapping places, direct Zelda onto the second switch, thereby lowering the first set of spikes (in the right side of the main room), allowing Link to cross over them into the corridor. With Link past the spikes, follow the hallway up to the large door--call Zelda over, as you'll need her help to push it open. Now open the chest within to obtain a Small Key.

With the small key in hand, have Link drop back into the center of the area (via the staircase that leads to the drop-off, just left of the door you opened) then follow the western hall to a large hole. Use the boomerang from there to trigger a switch above and to the left, creating a bridge across the sand above. Now have Zelda warp to the far-left sentry (in the top-left corner), then have her navigate down, using the bridge to cross the sand. Once past, have her cross over the spikes down into the southern room, and step onto the purple warp-panel. With her in place, have Link step onto its twin (accessible from the room's center area) to swap places.

After swapping places, have Zelda warp back to the left-most sentry (in the top-left corner) then navigate back across the sand, all the way down to a switch just above and to the right of the spikes currently trapping Link within the small room. This will lower the spikes, allowing Link to cross over and regroup with Zelda.

With the two reunited, you'll find that Link's unable to head north through the room due to a series of rolling boulders on the western side. To get through, have Zelda take charge and have Link follow closely behind--she'll stop the boulders in their place, allowing you to slowly proceed up the corridor. Once past the boulders, have Link and Zelda step on a pair of switches to the right, extending a bridge across the hole (which you can now ignore).

Now there's one more pair of switches in the top-left corner of the floor, but it's a bit tricky to reach, since it's blocked by a sand pit that Zelda can't cross. In order to do so, you'll have to have Link catch the attention of the nearby sentry, then hurry up and run to the switches (the sand pit will protect you from the Phantoms that appear). Once there, switch to Zelda and have her warp to the sentry that Link lured away, putting her right by the switches! Now step on both at the same time to open the door back in the center of the room.

With the central door open, have Zelda warp right to it by drawing a line to the closest sentry, then have Link follow by crossing the bridge you just extended a few moments earlier. Now use the Small Key to unlock the door there and climb the stairs to the 16th Floor.

Floor 16

Head down to find a slate that says something about a "green tile" and a "red tile." Now have Zelda cross over the spike pit into the room on the left (or she can just warp to the sentry inside--your choice). Now have her step onto the green tile in the top-left corner. Before moving from the green tile, take a close look at your map: the path the Phantom on the right side of the floor takes is the same route Zelda should be taking too! That is, from the green tile, head down first to the bottom-left tile, then diagonally to the tile in the upper-right corner. Head left from there, along the top, back to the green tile. Finally, head diagonally from there down to the lone red tile in the bottom-right corner. If you did it right, a door should open in the middle of the area, allowing access to stairs leading to the 17th Floor.

Floor 17

You know the deal: grab the Fire Rail Map from the podium! Once back at the base of the Spirit Tower, hop aboard the train and set course for the Fire Realm, by way of a short jaunt through the Snow Realm!

Fire Realm

Once in the Fire Realm, plot a course for Goron Village (although it'll show up as "???" to the far east. Yeah, there's a stop prior to it too, but it's simply a store that's temporarily closed for repairs, so feel free to ignore it for now.

Goron Village

After pulling into Goron Village, you'll be told that you should meet with Kagoron at the alter, found down the western path. Follow it to the next screen.

Stalfos Skull Upon entering the western section of Goron Village, climb the stairs and walk between the two stacks of iron to open the chest just beyond, yielding a Stalfos Skull.

Just ahead is a path seemingly blocked by rolling boulders. But you can inch your way through by hugging the right wall and darting up during each gap, to the staircase on the left. Follow the ridge to another corridor with yet more rolling boulders--like before, hug the right wall then dart to the other side as soon as a single ball rolls past (if two roll past, wait for the next single one, as the pair doesn't leave enough time to cross to the other side). Now hug the right wall again and dash across once more as soon as there's an opening.

Once past all of the rolling boulders, you'll find a switch that temporarily extends a bridge from a platform on the left over to higher-ground on the right. The problem is that if you activate the switch with your sword, it won't leave you enough time to get to the bridge. Instead, try this: stand about halfway between the switch and the left wall and activate the switch with your boomerang. Immediately after, use your whip to cross over the lava via the beams on the left to reach that platform, then quickly cross over the bridge.

After the bridge, head north to find Kagoron at the alter. After he offers to meet you in town, head back there by heading south, then take the path on the right, which is a shortcut back into town--just make sure to cross over the lava via the beams.

Dark Pearl Loop After crossing over the lava on your way back to town, you'll find a chest that contains a Dark Pearl Loop.

Back in the village, Kagoron will add a Freight Car to your train, allowing you to haul materials around. Of course, this gift isn't free, as Kagoron has a request: bring back something cold in which to cool the lava. But what could be cold enough to do that? Ice perhaps? Hop aboard the train and set out for Anouki Village!

Anouki Village

Once at Anouki Village, the mayor will inform you of a fellow who works by the pond in the northwestern part of town who can hook you up with something called "Mega Ice." Go pay him a visit, where you'll learn that his current supply has been compromised. He'll request that you take him somewhere where he can find freshwater. With him aboard your train, set course for the nearby Wellspring Station, just to the east!

Wellspring Station

After pulling into Wellspring Station, meet up with the Anouki by the spring ahead to earn a Force Gem, which will cause more tracks to appear in the Snow Realm to the south. He will now get to work on producing some Mega Ice, though he'll request you come back later so you don't see his patented manufacturing process. Try ducking into the cabin on the right before returning--he'll have the Mega Ice finished by then, which he'll sell for 25 rupees. He'll go ahead and load it onto the train for ya, allowing to haul back to the Gorons at Goron Village.

100 Rupees There's a chest in the northeastern corner that contains a Big Green Rupee. To get at it, swing over to it via the northern beams, which you can reach from the northwestern corner.

Now there are a couple of things to keep in mind on your journey back: The ice will begin to melt as soon as you enter the Fire Realm, so time is of the essence. Also, if you take any damage at all--whether from enemies or boulders blocking the path, you will lose ice. Finally, you're going to have to take the long route to Goron Village, as a train lurks along the southern tracks that is impossible to pass via that route. Instead, head north at the first junction and then take the shortest route from there to the village! As long as any ice remains upon pulling into Goron Village, you'll be fine. But if not, you'll have to return to Wellspring Station to purchase more (make sure to play hardball with him to command a lower price).

Goron Village

As long as you have some ice remaining upon pulling into Goron Village, go speak with Kagoron by the staircase on the left. He'll use the ice to put out the flames, allowing access to the northern part of town! Now pay a visit to the village elder in the large house to the north. After speaking with him, he'll move aside permitting you to enter the cave behind him, leading to the Fire Sanctuary.

Pearl Necklace Climb a pair of staircases by the Goron complaining that fire still remains in the village (on the east side of town) and cross the bridge to find a chest with a Pearl Necklace.

Side-Mission: Help the Goron! The poor Goron on the eastern side of town still can't access his house due to some lava blocking the way. Help him out by returning to Wellspring Station and returning with at least 10 blocks of ice remaining. Help him out and he'll award you a Force Gem, restoring some tracks on the south side of the Fire Realm that leaps to a warp point which can instantly teleport you to the Ocean Realm.

Follow the corridor up to a stretch of lava on the left that can be crossed by swinging from the suspended beam. Step on the switch there to extend two bridges, one here, and another across another lava pool to the east. Cross both of them to a field of pots--try to avoid breaking the ones shaking around, as they contain the shield-eating Like Likes. Once through, climb the stairs to exit the cave into the Fire Sanctuary.

Pirate Necklace Before climbing the stairs to exit the cave, follow the corridor to a chest by a ledge.

Fire Sanctuary

As you venture through the Fire Sanctuary, you'll come across a lit torch followed by a series of unlit one. You know what to do (use the boomerang to ignite the unlit ones, silly!). Lighting all of the torches (including a couple at the very base of the area) will reveal three bridges that can be crossed. There are a few secrets hidden around the area (listed below), but ultimately your goal is to cross over to the area with several statues on the right.

Pirate Necklace Cross the western-most bridge then head up to find chest containing a pirate necklace.

Stamp Station Look for a stamp station after crossing the northern-most bridge.

When you find the field of statues, a slate conveys a short story about two men and their love for a woman. That story is actually the clue on how to open the door leading out of here. Here are the key points from the story to keep in mind:

  • One of the men is the Center of attention.
  • That same cared only about the woman.
  • Woman had eyes on another map.
  • The two men eventually put aside their differences, and friendship shone between them like a Light.

Still can't figure it out? Alright, so the statue-head in the dead-center is the man who's the center of attention. The one he's looking at just above is the woman. Finally, the statue she's looking at is the other man, just right of the in the center. Now stand between the two men (that is, the statues in the center and the one to its right) and play the Song of Light (purple-white) to make a beacon appear which will open the door, allowing access to the sanctuary proper.

Speak with Embrose inside the sanctuary and play the same song he does (purple, yellow, purple, yellow, blue) to reveal the remaining Fire Realm tracks. With the tracks revealed, head back to Goron Village!

Goron Village

As you re-enter Goron Village, the elder will warn you that the Fire Temple is closed off by three locks, and the keys to which are each being held by a different monster. He also urges you to speak with the townsfolk, who'll provide you with some tips on how to defeat the monsters holding the keys. Now set course aboard the train for the Fire Temple, to the east!

Fire Realm

After passing through the cave toward the Fire Temple, three flying creatures will pop up on your screen, each holding a key. The very same keys you're looking for! In order to grab them, you'll first have to drive toward them head-on (avoid coming up from behind, as they'll run away). Once close enough, the music will change and they'll begin circling your train. Now's the time to stun them using your train's whistle--give it a quick tug at first, then follow it up with a long, second tug. This will stun the creature, allowing you to blow it away with some bombs, netting you the key. Repeat the same tactics for the second two to open the way into the Fire Temple. Just be aware that after grabbing the key from the creatures, they'll continue to harass you even--they can't be killed, so just stun them like before and try to get away.

Fire Temple

You know the drill--climb the stairs and head through the door to the first floor.

Floor 1

Follow the corridor, taking a left at the split-path. It'll drop you into a room where you'll have to battle three skeletons, but they don't pose much threat. Afterward, exit out the south side where you'll find a room full of trap doors--mark the locations of those doors are on your map, as it'll come in useful soon. After marking the doors, cross the room to the far right and climb the furthest staircase for now, leading to Floor 2.

Floor 2

Hop into the mine cart and ride it to a platform with a chest containing a Small Key. After collecting it, ride the cart back to the staircase and return to Floor 1.

Floor 1 (revisited)

Back on Floor 1, climb the staircase just left to a ledge opposite of a switch. Use the boomerang to trigger the switch, causing a manhole-type thing to drop from the ceiling. Drop off the ledge and grab it, then carry it right to a small geyser-looking thing that you can throw it onto creating a platform for you to cross over.

After crossing the gap, you'll have to use the nearby box as a shield to push your way through the flames. To do so, grab it and pull it down twice, ten push it right, then back up. Now stand on its left side and push it through the fire! Continue down the path into another room full of trap-doors-- to avoid them, head through the lowest gap, then up to the highest one on the left, just before the first of two staircase. From there, head down to the furthest point, then left and up to a second staircase, which takes you to Floor 2.

Red Potion To reach the chest in the second trap-door room, simply head down form the first staircase, then right at the southern wall. Inside is a Red Potion.

Floor 2 (revisited)

Hop into the mine cart just ahead to ride it along the track. Along the way, you'll have to trigger two switches using your sword to switch the tracks to avoid falling into a pit. Do it right and you'll wind up on a platform with a chest containing a Small Key. With the key in hand, ride the cart back to the stairs, leading to Floor 1 (there's no need to flip any switches along the way).

Floor 1 (revisited x2)

Back on Floor 1, you'll want to climb the staircase just to the right and drop off the ledge (avoid the trap doors by heading down first, then right, before heading up to the stairs). After dropping from the ledge, head left across the gap and unlock both doors there using the keys you found to reveal a pair of switches. Now stand between the two and use the boomerang to quickly trigger one right after another, lowering the central gate revealing a staircase. Climb it to Floor 2.

Floor 2 (revisited x2)


This turtle-like boss is a push-over! Just wait for him to start twirling around then lure him into one of the electrical snakes roaming the room, stunning him. While he's dazed, slash his exposed head a few times before backing away and repeating. Defeating him will reveal a chest that contains the Bow and Arrow.

After the battle, head right and try out the Bow and Arrow on an eyeball-switch along the northern wall. Launching an arrow into its eye will cause a bridge to extend, enabling you to cross it and climb down the stairs to Floor 1.

Floor 1 (revisited x3)

As soon as you step onto Floor 1 (coming from the mid-boss's chamber), you'll find an arrow-launcher just below. These redirect your arrow when hit in the direction they're facing. Shoot an arrow at it to cause a chain reaction that results in an eye-trigger being hit. This will cause a bridge to extend, allowing you to cross over.

Ruto Crown After crossing the bridge that extended, jump the gap on the right to reach a chest.

After crossing the bridge, smack the arrow statue three times with your sword to rotate it so it faces up. Now pick it up and stand as close to the left ledge as you can, and toss it to the small platform. (If you accidentally threw it before rotating it upward, you can use the boomerang to rotate it as well.) With the arrow-launcher in place, shoot another arrow at it, redirecting it upwards into another eye-switch, causing a bridge to extend.

Cross the bridge back to the arrow-launcher and hit it with your sword so it's facing left. Now pick it up and toss it to the platform above (just before the eye-statue) and shoot it with an arrow. It will redirect it left into another eye-switch, forming a second bridge you can cross back to land! Now head down the stairs there to the Basement.

Basement 1

You can't unlock the door here yet, so climb down a second staircase to Basement 2.

Basement 2

You'll find yourself in a small room surrounded by four skeletons, which are protected by stretches of lava. Use the bow and arrow to take them out from a safe distance--if you run low on arrows, destroy the plant in the corner for more. Once they're finished, exit the room through the southern exit.

Just below you'll find a series of beams to the right that are blocked by some fire jets. To cool the flames, shoot an arrow into an arrow-launcher on the left, which will redirect it into an arrow-switch above. This will briefly disable the fire, allowing you to swing across the beams to the far side.

After crossing the first set of beams, head up to find a lava-pool with some floating manhole-platform. Jump across them carefully as they drop to ground-level--when you reach the third, ride it up so you can leap to the forth, then the platform beyond.

Star Fragment After leaping across the lava pool to the platform, you'll find a chest containing a Star Fragment.

From that platform, use the whip to swing along the high beams along the eastern wall. You'll land on the other side of a closed door, next to a switch--step on it to open the door, allowing you to backtrack, if you so desire.

At any rate, head left along the thin path, being mindful of the spiked traps moving about. When you reach the far end, follow the vertically-moving spiked trap down to a chest, containing a Dark Pearl Loop. Now to the right are two unlit torches among the lava, as well as a fire bat. Ignite both by throwing the boomerang into the fire bat first, then into the torches. With both lit, a manhole-platform will drop onto a fire-spout to the left. Cross over it to a staircase leading up a floor.

Basement 1 (revisited x4)

You'll emerge in a room with not one, but two turtles! Thankfully, they're much easier to defeat now that you have the bow and arrow. Simply wait for them to stick their heads out, then launch an arrow into it for an instant victory. Afterward, open the chest that appears for Ruto's Crown, then read the four slates along the way. They each reveal the order in which the eye-switches above them should be hit--mark those numbers on your map, then head downstairs via the left staircase.

Basement 2 (revisited)

Follow the corridor up past a floor-switch to an arrow-launcher. Grab it, then carry it down and drop it just above the floor switch, about one tile away from the wall. Now rotate it left, then stand on the switch, lowering a neary gate. While standing on the switch, launch an arrow into the arrow-launcher, which (if it's facing left) will redirect it into an eye-switch. This will cause a manhole-platform to drop nearby. Grab it and carry it up, tossing it onto the fire spout on the left, allowing you to ride it up to a high platform on the left. After riding the mahole to the platform, trigger the closest switch to reveal a beam on the right--it's merely a shortcut if you wish to backtrack, so ignore it for now.

Here you'll find a podium surrounded by three fire-spouts, as well as a switch that activates/deactivates them. Now on that podium are two eye-switches, both of which will have to be triggered within seconds of one another in order to lower the nearby gate. To do so, this requires a few of things: a manhole, and two arrow-launchers. If you haven't already, grab the arrow-launcher you used earlier by the floor switch and drop it onto the fire-spout, right of the podium--make sure it's facing to the left, toward the closest eye-switch. Now grab a second arrow-launcher in the top-right corner of the platform and drop it onto the fire-spout directly below the podium--make sure this one is northeast, toward the first arrow-launcher. Now grab the manhole from the fire-spout you rode up to this platform on (wait for it to shoot up to your level, then grab it) and drop it onto the fire-spout left of the podium and stand atop it. Now use the boomerang or bow and arrow to trigger the nearby switch, activating the fire spouts, causing you and the two arrow-launchers to rise. Now quickly fire an arrow into the closest eye-statue on the podium, then another into the arrow-launcher below--if you situated them correctly, the arrow will hit the other eye-switch, lowering the gate in the corner. Open the chest there for a Small Key.

With the Small Key in tow, head back up to Basement 1 b dropping from the platform, swinging across the first gap on the right, then head up to the staircase.

Basement 1 (revisited x5)

Back on basement 1, head left and open the door using your newly acquired key. Now follow the path to a mine cart, which will send you looping on a circular track as you pass by four eye-switches. If you recall from before, four slates detonated which order to shoot them in. In case you didn't mark it down, here it is:

1) 2nd from the left 2) 1st from the left 3) Far Right 4) 3rd from the left

Doing so will cause the tracks to switch, landing Link next to a staircase he should climb down.

Basement 2 (revisited x2)

Head down another staircase to Basement 3.

Basement 3

Check out the map in the wall to notice some exposion-like marks surrounding some switches--mark these on your map as you'll have to hit those switches while riding the mine cart. Now detonate the large boulder on the right using a bomb (one can be found across the left platforms if you don't have the bomb bag) to reveal a manhole. Drop it onto the nearby fire-spout, then leap to it, then into the mine cart after it's risen.

While riding the first mine cart, flip the switches you marked on your map as you fly by. If you didn't write them down, it's the first and third switches. The cart will drop you off on a platform containing the Big Key. Use the whirlwind to bloe the Big Key into the mine cart just beyond, then climb aboard the one above--just equip your bow and arrow before doing so! Like before, you'll want to trigger the switches you marked on your map along the way. That is, the very first two, then the fourth one, which can only be reached by firing an arrow. Do it right and both you and the Big Key will land by the locked door, allowing you to head on through, down the stairs to Basement 4.

Dark Pearl Loop Look for a chest on a lower platform, just right of the locked door.

Basement 4

Climb the stairs above leading to the boss's lair.

Boss: Cragma

The battle begins with Cragma raising his fist then hammering it into the ground, which can be avoided by running to either side. However, whenever he raises his fist, he also exposes a glowing section on his lower body--quickly fire an arrow into that spot to inflict some damage. Afterward, he'll cup both hands together and slam them into the ground, causing a large boulder to drop onto either side of the platform. Bust it open by lurring Cragma's fist onto it, revealing a manhole. Carry the manhole and toss it onto either of the fire-spouts in the top-right corner, allowing you to leap across them to a mine cart!

Once aboard the mine cart, you'll have to shoot the glowing sections of Cragma's body as they exposes themselves; doing so will allow your mine car to eventually reach the top level, where you can then target his eye. Shooting an arrow into it will cause him to fall over in pain, exposing a weak spot on his head. Quickly strike it with your sword as many times as you can, before repeating the above steps until he goes down for the count.

After the battle, collect the heart piece from the treasure chest that appears then wrap back to the temple entrance and set course on your train along the newly laid tracks for the Tower of Spirits!

Tower of Spirits

Ahh, the Tower of Spirits is now fully restored! Clamber up the spiraling staircase to the top floor!

Floor 18

Alright, so you'll find that most of the paths are blocked by one of two things: small bricks that can be detonated with bombs and large, heavy blocks. Ignore the large heavy ones for now, and instead work your way around using bombs to clear the path--you can always find more bombs by busting open the plants near the entrance. Also, the guards now have a new rolling attack that's even faster than usual, so be careful!

Your first task should be to grab the Tear from the bottom-right corner--use the map to reach it, blowing up any blocks in your path with bombs. After grabbing the first tear, head for the top-left corner to find a path blocked by two boxes you can push/pull. Pull the first one as far left as you can, so it borders the hall, then pull the second left, then down, allowing you to head through to a switch. This will cause a chest to appear across a gap in the top-right corner--head there now and use the beam to swing across, netting you a Small Key.

With the key in hand, unlock the door in the top-center of the floor and climb the stairs beyond to the 19th floor.

Floor 19

Grab the arrow-launcher from the platform in the top-right corner and carry it down to a tile by a floor-switch in the lower left. Place it flacing left on the marked tile, then stand on the nearby switch to open the door. Now equip the boomerang and use it to hit a second aarow-statue just past the lowered gate twice, so it faces upward, toward an eye-switch. Now launch an arrow at the first arrow-launcher, deflecting it into the eye-switch, causing a bridge to extend on the eastern half of the floor--cross it now to find your second Tear hidden behind some blocks you can blow away. Now climb the staircase in the bottom-left corner to the 20th floor.

Floor 20

You'll emerge in a large room with a patrolling Phantom, and a pair of stacked boxes. Before doing anything else, climb the nearest staircase onto the vacant platform and use your boomerang to hit the nearby arrow-launcher on the platform just below, so it faces upward. After doing so, you'll find that the right stack of boxes has an arrow-launcher perched on top; in order to get it down, you'll have to take out all the boxes, but there's far too many for bombs alone to do the trick. Instead, you'll have to catch the Phantom's attention and lure him into that stack as he rolls around, causing the arrow-launcher to drop to the ground. Now collecting it, there's a box by the stairs in the top-right corner of the room that you'll have to reposition between the two platforms above, creating a platform you can use to jump between the two. With it in place, grab the arrow-launcher, climb the stairs and cross the gap using the box as a stepping stone and set it down on the marked tile, facing south.

With it facing south, head back over to that platform on the right and step on the switch, opening a western gate. While standing on it, launch an arrow into the arrow-launcher you just set down on the left. Assuming you rotated the other arrow-launcher in the room so it faces north, the arrow should be deflected into an eye-switch, thereby lowering a gate on the west side--head on through to collect the final Tear.

With all three tears collected, have Zelda possess the nearby Phantom, then take the stairs back down to Floor 19.

Floor 19 (revisited)

Back on Floor 19, head to the western half of the floor first (Zelda can simply cross over the nearby spikes, but Link will have to take the long way around). When there, have Zelda stand on the floor-switch to lower the nearby gate, allowing Link to head through and grab the arrow-launcher--carry it to the eastern half of the floor. Once there, you'll find several statues blocking a path on the left--use Zelda to roll through and destroy them.

Goron Amber After busting through the statues blocking the path, you'll find two platforms, one of which has an arrow-launcher. Stand atop the other one and use your boomerang to rotate it so it faced upward. Now launch an arrow into it, which will be deflected into an eye-switch, causing a hcets to appear that contains a Goron Amber.

After bursting through the once statue-filled haul, take the nearby staircase down to Floor 18.

Floor 18 (revisited)

Now that you're within the central area of Floor 18, you'll find several switches in each of the four corners. You'll have to depress all of them at the same time in order to lower the spikes blocking the chest to the south. In order to do so, you'll have to make use of both the small and large boxes that can be pushed around to depress the switches. Because offering a step-by-step guide for this portion would just be confusing, we'll provide a quick overview of what we did in each corner--you should be able to figure out the rest.

Bottom-Right: Have Zelda push the nearest large block aside, allowing Link to push the small one nearby onto the switch. Bottom-Left: Have Zelda push the nearest large block aside, allowing Link to push the small one nearby onto the switch. Top-Left: Have Zelda push the large block directly onto the pair of switches. Top-Right: With all the other switches depressed, have Link and Zelda stand on the two here.

Once you've depressed all the switches, the spikes on the souther end will lower, allowing access to a chest beyond which contains a Small Key. Take it back up stairs to Floor 19.

Floor 19 (revisited x2)

Back on Floor 19, use the key to unlock the door, just to the right and climb the stairs beyond to Floor 20.

Floor 20

You'll soon come across a boulder-filled hall--have Zelda roll up that corridor crushing the balls along the way while Link follows from behind. Now you can't cross the lava-pool like you have before (due to Zelda's ball form), so have her continue south and roll through the bricks blocking the way, and climb the stairs beyond to Floor 21.

Floor 21

Follow the corridor into the large area that contains two floor-switches in the middle. Depress both by having Link and Zelda stand on one each to cause four skeletons to appear. Take them out (bow and arrows work great!) to cause three large creatures to enter the fray--after Zelda roll over them for a quick victory. Oh and take out any rats that may be skittering around too. With all the enemies defeated, four Phantoms will appear--have Zelda possess one of them instead (since they can cross through lava) and head back downstairs via the stairs.

Floor 20 (revisited)

Now that Zelda has possessed a normal Phantom, head for the lava pool and trek across it while riding Zelda. There you'll find two arrow-launchers--one on the far left platform by the gate, and a second on the norther-most platform, accessible by swinging along the beams. You can carry them around by grabbing them as Link, then hitching a ride on Zelda. You'll want to grab the one on the far-left platform first and take it to the lower-right platform. Have it face right, so it's pointing right at the distant eye-switch on the wall. Now ride Zelda to the beams along the northern wall and use the whip to swing along them to the top-most platform. Grab the arrow-launcher there and ride Zelda while carrying it to the platform just below. Drop it there for now and make sure it's facing left--you'll be back in just a moment. Now have Zelda carry Link back to the wooden beams along the northern wall so he can swing back to the platform where you found the first arrow-launcher. Have Link remain there while you direct Zelda back to the Arrow Launcher. Once there, have her pick up the arrow-launcher (by drawing a path connecting her to it) and have her stand in the center of the platform, so it faces the closed gate.

With both arrow launchers in place, take control of Link and have him fire an arrow at the arrow-launcher on the right first. It will be deflected into an eye-switch, briefly lowering the western gate. Now quickly fire a second arrow into the launcher that Zelda's holding to deflect it through the open-gate into an eye-switch just beyond, which will permanently lower a gate on the western side, allowing you to climb the stairs beyond. To get there, have Link swing back across the beams to the right, summon Zelda over so she's on level-ground with you, then attack her with your sword to cause her to drop the launcher. Now ride her through the door and climb the stairs to Floor 21.

Floor 21 (revisited)

Follow the corridor to another staircase, leading to Floor 22.

Floor 22

It's time to grab the Big Key!. Because of the sand pits, you'll have to have Zelda take the long way around by walking through the fire, then down to the key. Have Link meet her there by heading across the sand. After Zelda collects the Big Key, four enemy-hands will appear. Have Link escort her past the first two, then have Zelda take the higher path (through the flames) toward the remaining two hands. While she's en route, have Link take the lower path and kill the hands using the bow and arrow from across the gap (if you need additional arrows, there are two plants just below that can be busted open for more). Once clear, have both Link and Zelda stand on their respective switches along the right wall to swap positions. After the swap, have Zelda head south to unlock the door, allowing access to the staircase. This will also cause the flames to disappear and a bridge to extend, allowing Link to catch up before climbing to Floor 23.

Floor 23

Make sure to stock up on health by busting open the jars one either side before using the combined strength of Link and Zelda to open the large door. Now climb the stairs to

Boss: Byrne

Because the boss only actively targets Link, have Zelda stand to the side (instead of following Link around) so she's not hit by any of his attacks (which stun her). As for Link, simple have him run around the room to avoid the boss's attacks. However, before long, he'll prepare his claw attack--avoid it like the other attacks. If you dodged it, the claw will briefly be stuck in the floor--have Zelda grab it and pull it back to knock him from his perch. Now quickly attack him as Link while he's stunned. Rinse and repeat.

After a few attacks, the boss will take you on from ground-level. His attacks are largely the same, though he now has a new charge move. As soon as you see him preparing it, have Zelda run up to him to intercept, then get behind him as Link and lay into him. A couple rounds of this should do him in!

After the battle, follow Byrne outside and climb the spiraling stairs to the roof where some serious stuff will go down.

After learning from Anjean that one more temple awaits, set course for the Sand Sanctuary in the newly revealed desert tracks, located in the Ocean Ream. You'll find the San Sanctuary at the end of a dead-end near the middle of the desert.

Sand Sanctuary

There's a stairwell hidden somewhere among the sand here and only a well place bomb can reveal it. Now you may have noticed that the lines in the sand here mirror the ones on the Rail Map itself, except on a smaller scale. As the slate and two sleeping statues suggest, to find the exact location to bomb requires a trip on the train through the desert to four statues: one in each corner. Draw a line in the direction each one gazes--the point at which the lines cross indicate where you should bomb, in the Sand Sanctuary.

If that all is too much work for you, try this: the hidden staircase is near the top-right corner of the lowest complete rectangular area (the one beneath and to the right of the western platform, with the bomb and statue). Specifically, you should place the bomb 3 steps from the right and two steps down from the top-right corner. Placed correctly and a staircase will appear leading down into the sanctuary, where you'll meet with the sage here who'll teach you how to open the path to the Sand Temple.

In order to get to the Sand Temple, you'll have to pass through three trials. To get started, ride along the newly laid tracks on the right half of the desert, leading into a cave.

  • First Trial: Here you'll face another one of those spider creatures with the large eye. Like before, you'll have to shoto the eye repeatedly. The only difference this time is that it will periodically charge at you with its eye closed--to force it open, shoot one of the explosive cannisters on either side of the cave as he passes by. Once you defeat him, you'll move onto the second trial.
  • Second Trial: The second trial involves a maze of tracks, similar to the Lost Woods from earlier. To get through, slam the train into reverse as soon as you enter the first area (just past the cave). After reversing into the next area, slam into reverse again and roll back to another area. Now make a right at the junction ahead to exit the area.
  • Third Trial: The third trial involves simply destroying the tower's exterior defenses with your cannon. Just make sure to focus your efforts on any inbound cannon balls first before countering with some of your own! Once you've destroyed all of the temple's cannons, the entrance will open.

Sand Temple

Climb the stairs and head through the door leading to the temple's first floor.

Floor 1

Head up the corridor on the east side, being mindful of the rolling boulders. You'll soon reach a ledge just across from an eye-switch, with some more rolling boulders in-between. Time an arrow just right so it flies between a gap in the boulders and into the eye-switch, lowering the gate on the left. Head on through and open the chest for a single rupee--woo! After doing so, several skeletons will appear--take them all out with your bow and arrow to cause a second chest to appear. This one containing a Small Key. With it in hand, head back down the rolling-boulder corridor and climb the stairs to a locked door, allowing access to a staircase beyond.

Floor 2

Hop off the right portion of the ledge, careful of the spiked wall on the left. Now head down, then right and up through a section of rolling spike traps to a staircase in the back heading up.

Floor 3

You'll emerge in a room, trapped with three skeletons. Take 'em out with the bow and arrow to open a door on the left and head on through. There you'll find a chest that contains the Sand Wand--this baby can raise any portion of sand, creating a temporary wall. Try it out by standing on the sand just beneath the ledge in the sand room and use the item on the sand beneath your feet, allowing you to reach the platform above. Now drop off the right ledge and climb back down the stairs to Floor 2.

Floor 2 (revisited)

Red Rupee & Mystic Jade In the room with the rolling spike-traps, you can reach the chest along the left wall by using the Sand Wand on the sand beneath your feet. From there, use the Sand Wand to freeze the rolling spike traps in a line, allowing you to run across them to the chest on the other side for a Mystic Jad.

Head down through the rolling spiked-trap chamber and then left, where you'll find yourself trapped with two sand monsters. Freeze them in place by using the sand wand on them, they slash them when solidified. Once they're done, head up through either door and use the Sand Rod to reach the ledge above. Once on the ledge, use the Sand Wand to raise the sand and trap the rolling spike-trap in the center, allowing you to cross over it to the staircase heading back down to Floor 1.

Floor 1 (revisited x2)

Back on the first floor, climb down the closest staircase then head to a path on the western side of the floor. There you'll find a rolling-log on the ledge above--before climbing up, roll it off the left side into the abyss by using the Sand Wand to push it from the right. With it out of the way, climb up to the ledge (by raising the sand beneath your feet) and follow the path up to find three eye-switches along the northern wall.

You'll have to trigger all three eye-switches within just seconds of one another in order to lower a gate to the right. To do so, we suggest raising yourself first via the sand wand and targeting the two higher eye-switches first with the bow and arrow, then wait for the sand to drop and target the remaining one. If you hit all three quick enough, the nearby gate will lower--head on through.

Once past the gate, you'll find another rolling-log thing can be moved by raising the sand on either side. Stand in the alcove on the right first, then push the log down (by raising the sand above it) just enough so you can squeeze by. Now use the wand to climb up to the left ledge, then roll the log back so it's positioned between the two ramps, allowing you to cross over to the other side. After crossing, head down the roll the log between the lower set of ramps so you can cross back over once again.

Red Rupee After crossing over the log for the second time, destroy the two sand monsters here to reveal a chest back across the log.

Once over the log, you'll spot a map on the wall behind a low barrier. Climb over the barrier by raising the sand just before it and dropping off the other side. Now the sign tells you that a Small Key can be found between the trio of eye-switches and the single eye-switch, both on this floor. Head back up the rolling-boulder corridor on the east side (climb up the nearby ledge first, using the Sand Wand, then leap from the far end just as a set of boulders run by and quickly duck into the left corridor) to the area on the left, with the single-eye switch. Trigger it with an arrow to open the door on the left, head inside and climb up the left ledge with the wand. There you'll find a long strip of sand--use the rod on the middle section to dig up a Small Key.

With the small key in hand, backtrack to the large sandy area (near the room's main entrance) containing a boulder. Use the Sand Wand to push the boulder onto a contraption below. Once in place, trigger the nearby switch to fling the ball into the northern wall, busting it apart revealing a staircase you can climb down.

Dragon Scale Use the Sand Wand to climb the two ledges just left of the large sand pit (with the boulder) to find a chest that contains a Dragon Scale.

Basement 1

Use the wand to cross over the quick-sand pit and unlock the door beyond. There you'll find two switches and sand monsters--solidify both with the wand, then quickly pick them up and drop them onto a switch each (before they turn back into their usual form) to lower the gate on the right. Up ahead is a river of quicksand--use the Sand Wand and forge up the sand river. Take it slow, but create long stretches of sand-platforms whenever you encounter the flying arrows to run past during a gap.

Stamp Station Follow the quick-sand river to the left using the Sand Wand to find a Stamp Station.

After crossing the quicksand river, you'll find a sandbox that contains a large cube with a diamond-key on-top, and a slot in the center. The puzzle here is to push the block around (using the sand wand) in such a way that you can have the diamond-key insert into the slot on the ground. If you haven't yet touched the box (or as long as it's in the upper-left corner with the key facing up), push it in this order to properly insert the key.

Down 1
Right 1
Down 1
Right 1 (bottom-left corner)
Up 1
Left 1

This will cause a door to open below, head on through. There you'll find another sandbox, this time with two boxes (each with two diamond keys!) and four slots. For this puzzle, you need to roll one of the boxes onto a blue slot, and the other onto a red one, which will open one of two doors. Now roll the boxes onto the remaining set of slots to open a second door.

Red Rupee Use the Sand Wand to form a path into a small room, just right of the Big Key door, to find a chest with a red rupee.

After opening both doors, you'll now have access to the Big Key door, as well as an area to the west--head there now.

Ruto Crown Defeat the pair of skeletons in the area just west of the dual-block puzzle to cause a chest to appear.

After going through the south-western door and fighting a pair of skeletons, you'll find two more spiked rolling logs. Use the Sand Rod to freeze one of them in place and climb onto it via the non-spiked end (either above or below it) by using the Sand Wand to lift you to its level. Now cross over them to the switch on the southern platform to lower a gate just above. Head through it by crossing over the rolling spike-traps in the same manner.

After crossing into the next area, you'll have to take on a room full of sand-creatures--use the Sand Rod to dig them up, stunning them. Now raise Link to their level to go in for the kill. Once all are dead, another door to the north will open. Head on inside to find a vacant room of sand--there must be something here! Use the sand want to dig up the Big Key on the eastern side of the room, then take it back to the Big Key door (in the room with the two boxes) and climb the stairs beyond down to Basement 2.

Basement 2

Refill your health via the jars on either side of the room then proceed through the door ahead to face the temple's boss.

Boss: Skeldrich

This towering boss is susceptible to boulders--good thing he provides a constant stream of them! So scattered around the room are four boulder launchers--you'll have to use these to launch boulders into the vulnerable portions of Skeldrich's spine. Starting out, you can hit his spine anywhere the first two attacks, but for the following two, you'll have to attack him from behind, then finally the side, before leaving just the skull…but we're getting ahead of ourselves.

At first, Skeldrich only launches a single boulder at a time--use the Sand Wand to create a wall to stop the ball in its tracks. With the ball stopped, push it onto any of the launchers using the Wand to arm it. Now make sure Skeldrich isn't about to fire another ball--if he is, move away from the armed boulder to prevent it from being destroyed. Once the coast is clear, hit the switch to launch the boulder right into Skeldrich. After doing this once more, you'll have to change your tactic just a bit: the front of his spine will be protected, meaning you'll have to launch boulders from behind. Arm any of the launchers like before, but then head to the opposite end of the arena (so Skeldrich is facing away from the launcher) and set it off with an arrow. After one more attack from the rear, he'll armor both his front and back sides, necessitating an attack from the sides--you know what to do.

Besides boulders, Skeldrich's only other attack is to fire a laser beam--you can evade this easily by running around the arena's perimeter.

After destroying Skeldrich's entire spinal column, he'll be left as a mere skull. To combat him, use the Wand to trap him among walls of sand (make sure to raise yourself to his level as well) and then quickly get behind him and slash the exposed part of his head to inflict some damage--he'll go down for the count before long.

With Skeldrich defeated, open the chest that appears for a Heart Container and then head down the revealed staircase to obtain the Light Bow. Try it out on the eye-switch across the gap (by pulling back the arrow long enough so the light charges it) to extend a bridge leading to the portal back to the temple's entrance. Hop aboard the train and set course for the Spirit Temple to search for the Compass of Light. The fastest way there is to take the portal by the dead-end, near the Sand temple.

Tower of Spirits

Back in the Tower of Spirits, you'll want to return to the very top of the tower. To do so, climb the spiraling stairs to a blue portal, then continue your ascend to the top. Once you reach the throne, you'll notice an eye-statue on either side--fire a charged Light arrow at each one to reveal a hidden staircaseleading to Floor 30 of the tower.

Floor 30

Head north to the stairwell leading down to Floor 29.

Floor 29

Have Zelda possess one of the guards (remember, no need to collect Tears anymore, due to your new sword) then have her speak to another to learn of a weak wall in the top-left corner. Follow the dark corridor up, then left to find it (you can even stab the wall to discover the weak portion makes a different sound)--plant a bomb there to find a secret entrance. Head inside and venture through a couple of rooms to emerge in a different portion of Floor 30.

Floor 30 (revisited)

Mystic Jade Destroy the boxes in the corner with bombs to reveal a chest containing a Mystic Jade.

To reach the switch on the platform in the top-right corner of this room, have Link gain some height with the sand, then jump onto Zelda back, who can then carry him to the switch. Stepping on it will cause a Phantom as well as two sentries to appear. Now backtrack through the last couple of rooms back to Floor 29.

Floor 29 (revisited)

Back on this dark floor, return to Floor 30 via the staircase in the lit area to the right.

Floor 30 (revisited x2)

Have Zelda step past the spike-trap on the right and then onto the switch, which lowers the spikes allowing Link to pass through. Now have Zelda step down into the lava so Link can hop aboard. Now there are two switches here, one along the southern end of the lava, the other along the northern. You'll have to trigger both within a few seconds of one another in order to open the gate in the top-right corner. To do so, right Zelda to that corner and then use the boomerang to trigger one of the switches first, then the other. Note that you will have to move Zelda a few steps toward each switch before throwing the boomerang in order for you to be close enough to trigger it. After activating both, climb down the revealed staircase.

Floor 29 (revisited x2)

Use the Whirlwind to put out all the torches in the accessible part of the floor to open a door on the west side--head on through and keep heading left to watch a Warp Phantom appear. Distract him with a noise from somewhere so you can fire a Light Arrow (remember to charge it!) into the eye-statue he was guarding.


Big Money

Treasure: 200 Rupees After obtaining the Whirlwind item from the Forest Temple, return to the Forest Sanctuary and head left to find a cucco next to a treasure box on a platform. Stand on the ledge left of the platform and use the whirlwind to blow the cucco off. Now grab hold of him and leap from the ledge to that platform--the cucco will allow you to glide in the air just far enough to reach the chest, which contains 200 rupees.

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