Legend of the North: Konung Ships to Stores

The real-time role-playing game is now available in retail outlets throughout the nation.


Strategy First announced that its role-playing strategy game Legend of the North: Konung has shipped and is now available at stores nationwide. The game takes place in a 7th-century fantasy world based on Scandanavian mythology, where immortal heroes, magic, and monsters roam the land. Three cultures, the Slavics, Byzantines, and Vikings, are all out for one quest: to find the Dragon's amulet. The game features several real-time strategy elements; these range from resource management to real-time battles. The game also features role-playing elements such as nonlinear quests, an experience system, and a party of characters. Legends of the North: Konung is distributed by Infogrames, and it has a suggested retail price of US$19.99.

For more information about Legends of the North: Konung, take a look at our previous article, which is linked below. We will post a full review of the game soon.

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