Legend of the Dragon on way for DS, PS2

Game Factory set to crank out action adventure games based on upcoming animated TV series.


When the Legend of the Dragon TV series hits airwaves in spring of 2006, it will be closely followed by its own licensed beat-'em-up adventure games on the Nintendo DS and the PlayStation 2, courtesy of The Game Factory.

Created by Rick Ungar, (X-Men: Evolution, Spider-Man), Legend of the Dragon follows the twins Ang and Ling and their relationship when one is chosen to be "the Golden Dragon," a defender of good, and the other falls in with the evil Zodiac Master. Good guys and bad guys alike will have magic wristbands that transform them into werebeasts of the Chinese zodiac symbols they represent, from natural gaming fare like the tiger and the dragon to somewhat tamer creatures like the sheep and the rooster.

Legend of the Dragon seems to be a convergence point for The Game Factory, as it has previous experience with both animation and combat. It published this year's Care Bears - Care Quest for the Game Boy Advance and 1997's PC strategy game War Diary. Legend of the Dragon is expected to ship in spring or summer of 2006.

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