Legend of the Blade Masters

We look at a nearly complete version of Ripcord's upcoming RPG.


Legend of the Blade Masters

Ripcord Games recently stopped by the GameSpot office to demonstrate the nearly completed RPG Legend of the Blade Masters, which features action-paced combat reminiscent of Diablo. Recognizing that this sort of combat can turn into a mouse-clicking frenzy, Ripcord has designed a battle system that requires players to time their attacks for maximum damage. Enemies are highlighted by a rapidly changing color outline. If the outline is blue, the player's chances of hitting the enemy are small. However, if the outline is bright red, then the player will be able to strike a critical blow. The magic system is equally easy to pick up. To cast spells, the player will have to find magic crystals, which are scattered across the land. Each crystal will provide a distinct spell ability that can be activated at any time and can be used on any member of the party or on enemies.

Players will be able to guide their parties through a full 3D world with varying types of climate and terrain. While travelling, they will meet a number of characters that charge them with a variety of quests, ranging from something as simple as killing an enemy guarding a bridge to going on a scavenger hunt to find specific items. Another adventuring option is Legend of the Blade Master's multiplayer mode, which resembles more of a hack-and-slash adventure rather than an RPG.

Ripcord Games informed us that Legend of the Blade Masters is set to go gold in two weeks, and that it will be a simultaneous September 27 release for the PC and the Dreamcast.

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