Legend of Kay PS2 E3 2005 Preshow Report

Who would win in a war between cats and gorillas? Our first impressions of Legend of Kay attempt to shed some light on this age-old mystery.


Legend of Kay

Capcom today announced that it will be publishing Legend of Kay in the US. The feline martial arts action adventure game has already been published in Europe by JoWood and should be reaching North American shores this summer.

In Legend of Kay, players take on the role of Kay, an orphaned cat that lives on the island of Yenching, alongside many friendly felines. Kay himself is a martial arts apprentice who diligently practices his skills, which come in handy when the island comes under attack from Shun, the king of the gorilla tribe. With friends in tow, Kay sets off on an adventure to save his island from the approaching armies of gorilladom.

Of course, as a martial artist, Kay isn't going to be completely helpless in the face of the simian onslaught. Like the recent Jade Empire, developer Neon Studios says that the game took inspiration from classic kung fu movies, and Kay himself will apparently be using a combination of martial arts and weapon attacks to fend off his enemies. More than 40 unique attacks will be at his disposal throughout the game, including magical attacks and acrobatic moves.

Any good action adventure game wouldn't be complete without some platforming elements, so it does appear that Kay will be jumping across his fair share of giant lily pads and over pools of lava. In addition to the core gameplay, though, Legend of Kay is also packing numerous unlockable features, such as hidden weapons, extra challenges, and art.

We'll have more on Legend of Kay as it approaches launch. We'll hopefully have more information during E3 as well, so all aspiring cat ladies should stay tuned to GameSpot.

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